Our Mission

Red Eagle Politics, initially called Red Eagle TV, was started in a one-bedroom apartment in Rust Belt America in early 2019. Initially intended to be a podcast discussing weekly current events, the audience's quick interest for an election prediction video shifted the channel's focus. The first video uploaded to the channel predicting why Trump would win the 2020 Election blew up overnight, amassing 150,000 views in the first 100 days of its upload and drawing five thousand subscribers to the channel within a couple of months. The channel has since focused  a good amount on covering and predicting elections, as we have predicted the 2016 and 2018 elections better than all of the "experts" in the elections mafia. However, that is not all the channel has revolved around since its inception. The Red Eagle Live Shows talk about current events from an anti-establishment conservative perspective, which brings in thousands of weekly viewers. Our ideology is built around American Nationalism, Economic Populism, Immigration Restrictionism, Cultural Traditionalism, Noninterventionism, Constitutionalism, and Paleoconservatism, which supports the very ideals that the original 2016 Donald Trump Presidential Campaign was founded on. Our main ideology is summed up with two words: AMERICA FIRST. If we are not first, we are last, and we must take care of the American people ahead of foreign interests, no matter their race, class, color, or creed. After the 2020 election, the channel will do more policy-based and current event-style videos, from the America First perspective as we continue to build a bigger, stronger Conservative movement than ever before.