2020 DNC Day 1 & 2 Recap

Note: This Op-Ed was submitted by Author Jordan Diehl for publishing. Red Eagle Politics himself did not write this article.

Once again, the American people have been put through the ringer of yet another contentious and at times, fierce cycle of Presidential primaries in the lead-up to another Presidential election. While most of the drama and notable moments from the Primary campaign has come out of the Democratic camp, there has also been a few ‘interesting’ moments from within the Anti-Trump, albeit ‘small’ resistance faction of the Republican Party which has been fighting tooth and nail with all of their allotted resources to, in what has been largely unsuccessful, prevent the Re-nomination of President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence to lead the Republican ticket for 2020. Among the notable GOP challengers included the former two-term Governor of Massachusetts, Bill Weld, former Congressman and South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, and former one term Congressman turned author and podcast host from Illinois, Joe Walsh...No...not *That* Joe Walsh.

With most of the focus on the Democratic Presidential primary results, it would be easy to overlook just how well the President has been doing in the primaries. In every primary that has taken place, Trump has taken 90% of the vote or more in each state while the ‘main three’ challengers (who have all suspended their campaigns) have barely cracked 10 to 12% (if that). With that out of the way, let’s talk some DNC shall we? On night 1 of what has been a largely virtual convention, several prominent figures within the Democratic hierarchy spoke on behalf of the party and why Americans should cast their vote for Joe Biden. The event got off to an oddball start with a few of Joe Biden’s grandkids leading the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ rather unenthusiastically. Once that was done, the convention began with a monologue from Actress Eva Longoria because, you know...the political acumen of celebrities holds *so* much weight. Anyways, following her short, but dramatic speech that was highlighting the main speaking point of the first night (“We The People”), a barrage of clips ranging anywhere from 30 to 45 to 60 second long speeches or endorsements from different Democrats and a few so called “Republicans” (I’m looking at you John Kasich…) for Vice President Biden’s campaign were shown. While most were stereotypical in nature (unenthusiastic praise for Biden’s unenthusiastic campaign, bashing the President and Conservatives, and urging the public to vote Democrat down ballot this year), there were certain speakers who chose to go a different route with their speaking time. For instance, Senator Bernie Sanders mostly focused on talking about what he hoped to see from a Biden Administration and spent less time crucifying the President and those who support him. It was a surprising, but welcomed breath of fresh air from a man who is likely still very bitter over the fact that for the 2nd time in 4 years, he has been denied the chance to lead the Party’s ticket...1 time because he was legitimately screwed over by the DNC...and the other time because...well...Americans are seeing through Bernie’s sugarcoating of Socialism and the negative effects it would have on our country.

But perhaps the biggest highlight of Night 1, was the speech given by former First Lady Michelle Obama. The main topic of her speech was to address the President’s apparent disregard for Civil and Human rights. One of the most glorious moments of her speech was when she talked about the cages that were being used by ‘ICE” (Immigration Customs Enforcement) to ‘house’ the children of Illegal adult immigrants who had been detained at the border. This in itself was not what made it ‘glorious’, but rather the after effects of her memory seemingly failing her. She seemed to have forgotten that it was not Trump, but rather her Husband who called for the building of said cages and for them to be used by ‘ICE’ to detain Migrant Children and this was pointed out by the ‘Associated Press’ in a factcheck they did of her speech. Since the release of the factcheck, Michelle (not shockingly) has not spoken on the claims any further and has mainly retreated towards the safer route of just talking nicely about Uncle Joe. Word to the wise: If you’re going to blame Trump for all of your upset feelings and America’s problems, at least try not to be a blithering hypocrite in the process.

Moving on to Night 2, it was largely more of the same from Night 1. This time however, the theme was not “We The People” but “Leadership Matters”. I personally couldn’t agree more with this sentiment. It’s a shame, however, that Democrats wouldn’t know what leadership is if you read them the Dictionary definition (look at Baltimore, Chicago, and New York City as examples). The night was filled with more endorsements, more painfully obvious unenthusiastic support for Biden, and more Trump bashing because, why not? But as with Night 1, there was one key moment in Night 2 that has got Twitter in a firestorm as of the early Wednesday morning. This particular moment was when Freshman Congresswoman Alexandrea Ocasio-Cortez, who represents New York’s 14th District, used her 1 minute speaking time to essentially rail against the DNC, the Moderates and Centrists of the Party, the Political elite, and not formally indicate her support for Biden, but rather for Senator Sanders. At Least he has some support! Back on April 30th, Vice News put out an article that appeared to indicate that AOC will ‘vote” for Joe Biden, but won’t say if she’ll endorse him. Well, 111 days on from the release of that article, and there has been no such endorsement out of the AOC camp which should be enough to conclude that she will not be endorsing a bought and paid for Establishment, WarHawk hack who has been on record bragging about his attempts to kill off Medicare and Medicaid when he was a member of the United States Senate. Wise choice to avoid looking even less intelligent and hypocritical than she already is. Funny enough, AOC has been more loyal to the Progressive, Anti-DNC wing of the Democratic Party than that of Sanders due to her refusal to endorse or support Establishment and/or DNC backed candidates or causes. Sanders is known for railing against the political elite and what have you, but then turns around and endorses the very thing he claims to not be able to stand by endorsing Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Joe Biden in 2020. It all comes down to his hatred of Trump which further proves that the widespread virus known as ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ affects him and millions of fellow Liberals/Socialists like him so badly that instead of sticking with their positions on the issues and values, they will do anything (even if it means openly embracing the corrupt institution known as the DNC) to ensure that Trump is defeated in November. We already knew that the Left, for the most part, had no morals and it’s now becoming increasingly clear that they have an inability to stand by their deepest convictions if they know that doing so will not benefit them Politically. What a disaster.

DNC Night’s 3 and 4 are sure to provide us with more of the same schmuck from the first two nights and we here at Red Eagle Politics will be here every step of the way to provide you with a bold Paleoconservative perspective that you can’t find anywhere else. God Bless America!

About the Author:

Jordan Diehl is an 18 year old Political analyst currently residing in Englewood, Ohio. Since the Inauguration of President Trump in January of 2017, Jordan’s interest in Politics rose immensely. Since then, Jordan has participated in Political campaigns, attended his local GOP’s events/functions, and even got to attend a Trump rally in Cincinnati in August of 2019. Jordan is an Independent leaning Conservative who largely supports Conservative causes and beliefs, but also aligns with some Libertarian and Centrist beliefs as well. If you would like to keep tabs on Jordan’s Political opinions and viewpoints, follow him on Twitter @JordanDiehl2002, or on Instagram @Diehl2044. He greatly appreciates those at Red Eagle Politics for allowing him to serve as an Article writer!


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