2020 DNC Day 3 & 4 Recap

The DNC yet again proved to be a snooze fest on Days 3 and 4. Usually when you have a party convention, you see a bump or rise in the party's candidate's polling or betting odds. This time, there has been no change in the polls and Biden has gone down in the betting odds. I cannot fully blame them for all of the convention's ensued boredom, because they decided to make it virtual, but it just seemed like an 8-hour infomercial for a candidate who is extremely uncharismatic. Ratings were down far from 2016, despite more people being at home. Compare this to the NFL Draft, which was also done virtually yet set all kinds of records. It was not a net benefit to the party to say the least, and if the RNC manages to actually be good, the DNC may turn into a net negative overall for Biden and the party.

Night 3 had several highlights, or lowlights, if you want to be specific. We had former Representative Gabby Giffords speak, who insinuated that shootings in America are the fault of guns, not our culture that is controlled by the left. Then, we had a speech from Hillary Clinton herself, who still could not accept the results of the 2016 election. Democrats floated conspiracy theories about voter suppression throughout the night, baselessly claiming Trump would attempt to steal the election. We also heard from former President Obama, who gave a "dark and divisive" speech (which is what the media would have said if Trump gave it, except it was actually true in this aspect), that the media called a great speech. Kamala Harris rounded off the night, giving a speech blaming Trump for everything, but lacked policy solutions of her own. It was fairly underwhelming.

Night 4 was a real beauty, wasn't it? Not really. It was hard to sit there and watch the former Seinfeld woman-turned-obnoxious political convention host throw low blows at Trump as well as the cringe "comedy" routine with Andrew Yang. Their attempt to prop up Biden as a "man of faith" when he supports taxpayer-funded late-term abortion was a joke. Michael Bloomberg poorly attempted to blame Trump for both the economic shutdown and the virus cases, which is a fallacy that anyone with the reasoning skills above a sixth grade level would be able to call out. Finally, we got to Biden's speech, but first we witnessed a 20-minute inspirational video that propped him up to look like the second coming of Jesus. It was a smart thing for the Democrats to do politically, but when he started speaking, the environment fell flat. Biden's speech was okay. He did not slip up, but he had no energy and talked for roughly 25 minutes. Hillary Clinton spoke for over an hour back in 2016, and I am sure that Trump will in 2020 as well. He also pushed the debunked lie of Trump calling white supremacists "fine people" at Charlottesville, and referred to him as an "occupant" instead of the president.

Biden's speech was praised by Van Jones because he did not slip up, and nothing more. That symbolized his speech and the whole DNC perfectly. They set a very low bar for Trump, and he must capitalize on this by having a good RNC. A small crowd may be in order for that to happen, as the lack of a crowd was one of the things that made the DNC boring. Either way, it was not good enough to provide a noticeable bump for Biden in the polls. In fact, the betting odds are showing a significant blow to Biden's chances. Trump fell nearly 10 points in the odds after Hillary's convention, and Biden fell 2 points after his (and counting). The ball is in Trump's court, and he better not let us down.


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