Biden Says Black Voters Who Don't Back Him "Ain't Black"

In an interview with Charlamagne tha God this morning, Joe Biden insinuated that black voters who do not support him "ain't black." He did not only say this about Trump supporters, but undecided black voters as a whole. This is very patronizing and a recipe for disaster. While it may not affect the black vote too much, as many black people sadly agree with what he said, it may affect it enough to make a difference in key states. The latest poll from Economist/YouGov has Biden with just 76 percent of black support. Trump only has 9 percent, but Biden insulted 15 percent of the black electorate that he could easily have solidified. Even though I still expect Biden to crack 80 to 85 percent of the black vote at a minimum, comments like this depress turnout. Even in the recent garbage Quinnipiac poll that had Trump with just three percent of black voters, Biden was still only at 81 percent. So, he shoots himself in the foot regardless at which poll you want to look at, even if it hurts him just a little bit.

It is shameful that Biden and the Democrats continue to act entitled to the black vote, especially when Trump has done more for black Americans in three short years than Biden has done in his entire career. Trump is actually going after the black vote this time, and while he probably will not crack even the low teens, reducing Biden's black vote share in the rust belt marginally could significantly doom him electorally. Only time will tell.


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