Biden Selects Kamala Harris as His Running Mate

Joe Biden, as of yesterday, has announced that he is selecting Kamala Harris, known flip-flopper on policy and the Senator of California, to be his running mate. Biden promised a woman, and many have speculated he would pick a woman of color, so he has fulfilled his promise in that regard. However, for those who live in the real world, they are able to look past petty identity politics and understand that this is not a good decision for Biden. Kamala does have a very small, yet annoying, fanbase, but most Americans do not like her. She only has a 42 percent approval rating in her own state of California (which voted Democrat with 62% of the vote back in 2016). Much of this is because she is two-faced and far-left when it comes to policy, and a glaring hypocritical psychopath.

I would have been terrified if Biden selected Gretchen Whitmer. I even would have been scared of the experience aspect of Susan Rice, even though there is documented corruption of her at the State Department and such. Biden's selection of Kamala Harris, on the other hand, is like Christmas to conservatives everywhere. There's a reason why Kamala Harris did not even make it to January 2020. She was attacked by Tulsi Gabbard for her flip-flopping tendencies, and never recovered as a result. She was too far left for the moderate wing of her party, and too far right on certain issues for the far-left wing of her party. So, she does not really help energize turnout with the Bernie bros, despite being just as far left on many issues.

Her past record on criminal justice is a major weak spot for her in terms of energizing the Democrat base, even though it will be ineffective for conservatives to attack her on it. Her hypocrisy is more telling, though, about how she laughed about smoking weed while she put away thousands in jail for it while she listened to music that did not exist yet. This, coupled with her saying she believed Biden was a racist and a rapist (when it was politically convenient for her to) prove that she is a psychopath. The truth is, since her Senate run in 2016, that she has been pushing far-left policies that do not run well with the moderates in the suburbs that would prefer a law-and-order message. She votes farther left than 97 percent of Democrats, and 99 percent of the Senate as a whole. She even has a more liberal voting record than Bernie Sanders of all people.

She has called for the abolition of private health insurance, before getting called out on it and walking it back. She supports sanctuary cities (which even the city of Tucson overwhelmingly voted against). She compared the great men and women of ICE to the KKK. She supports giving free healthcare to illegal aliens. She said that illegal aliens are not criminals, which defies all logic known to man. She supports banning "assault weapons" and "high capacity magazines," which are broad categories. She passed many tyrannical gun measures as Attorney General. She also co-sponsored the massively unpopular Green New Deal. Furthermore, she supports banning offshore drilling and fracking. All these policies are out of touch with the moderates in the suburbs who are not too keen on Joe Biden. In fact, polls have shown that with Harris as Biden's choice, Trump gains 2% with college educated whites, 1% with non college whites, 5% with nonwhite men (shocker), 1% with nonwhite women (also a surprise), 3% with white men overall, and loses just 1% with one demographic: white women. This poll was taken when Trump was not attacking her much on policy, and the polls could continue to hurt Biden if he counters her effectively (which he has so far in the ads he released).

Biden is a total joke. Many people on the left even know this, they just simply prefer him to Trump because orange man bad. 59 percent of Democrats agree that it is "likely" that Biden's VP would become president during his first term. Most Americans know Biden is not smart enough to run the country. Trump must continue to prove that Kamala is essentially the one running for president, and he has the merits of attacking her as such. The left will call him "racist" and "sexist" for doing so, but he must not back down. And when they do attack him on those grounds, that is how we know that they are losing.

Kamala helps Biden with nobody and hurts him with everyone. She is not even well liked in her own state. She does not help him with Latinos or suburban voters in Arizona or Texas (her being from California lost Biden the latter alone). She does not help enough with black voters (if anything, turnout may be lower) for Biden to win Georgia or North Carolina. The rust belt voters will despise this choice, as many will despise her ridiculous identity politics and subtle hatred for white men (despite her being married to one). Her energy policies will be destructive in Pennsylvania. Biden could have picked a candidate that would have helped him where he needed help, but he managed to pick someone who would even further put his shortcomings and newly acquired far-left quirks on display. As a result, Trump's chances of victory went up significantly. Biden still can win, of course, but it will not be because of Kamala, yet in spite of Kamala. Just remember that.


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