Despite Calls To Run, North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson Decides Against Senate Run

Last week, it was revealed that Mark Robinson (R), North Carolina’s Lieutenant Governor, was considering a bid for the United States Senate ahead of the state’s 2022 Senate race. Incumbent GOP Senator Richard Burr had announced his retirement a few months ago, and since then, many Republicans (and a few Democrats) have either entered the race for the Senate, launched Exploratory Committees, or have begun to raise money. From the get-go, Mark Robinson’s name was floated as a potential favorite for the GOP nomination and to win the General election. However, it wasn’t until last week that the Lieutenant Governor (who in just a few months in his role has achieved plenty of positive results) revealed he was aware of the pressure to run and was considering it. But in an Email sent out to supporters today, Robinson had the following to say. (See Paragraph 2).

“I want to thank everyone that has been with us through this process of making such a huge decision. Running for Senate was never on my radar before the last couple of weeks. However, I began to receive calls from people all over the state encouraging me to run. We then saw poll numbers that showed me with a strong lead over all of the declared candidates. With the encouragement from supporters, the strong numbers, and the importance of this Senate race, I felt obligated to take an earnest look at the seat, consult those closest to me, and seek the Lord in prayer about the direction He has for my life. If you have heard me speak or talked to me personally, you know that I truly want to serve. I did not seek elected office for personal fame or fortune- I did so to serve the people of this state and nation. Being obedient to the Lord and serving the citizens will always be my priority. I will always work to do what I believe is right, and to put the people above my own self interests. I will strive to honor my responsibilities and to keep my promises.

It is with this in mind that I have decided that I will not run for the U.S. Senate. I am proud of what my team and I have accomplished in such a short period of time, especially with the important task of education, and look forward to building on our progress. Our state deserves real leadership, and right now there is a vacuum left by a do- nothing governor. Since I have taken office, I have seen the Cooper administration play favorites with vaccinations, stifle small business, and veto good legislation purely for political points. I will not stand idly by. During the 2022 cycle I will be working to recruit and support candidates at every level of government. Here in NC, we have the chance to regain super majorities in the House and Senate. In our United States Congress, I believe Republicans are in a strong position to take back the House and the Senate. I will work tirelessly to ensure this happens”.

In my view, this is the best course of action that Mr.Robinson could take. He only was elected in 2020, and abandoning the job he was elected to after just a few months of doing it in order to run for a different office would give off the wrong impression. I believe his main priority (as far as other offices are concerned) would be to run for Governor of North Carolina in 2024. With the national environment, and the fact that North Carolina likes to swap which party controls the Governor mansion after 8 years of one party having control, Robinson would likely be a shoe-in to win.

To keep tabs with the Lieutenant Governor and all the great things he is doing, you can follow him on Twitter at: @markrobinsonNC


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