Gavin Newsom Is In Trouble

Throughout the Covid19 Pandemic, the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom (D), has consistently led the way in being one of the worst Democrats throughout the entire country when it comes to his response, as well as his blatant hypocrisy. While nowhere near the only one when it comes to being a hypocrite, Newsom is, however, one of few Democratic Politicians who have disregarded their own ‘Stay At Home’ orders and had very little remorse when addressing the residents they represent after getting caught. And this, along with many factors of Newsom’s Governorship has put Gavin in a tough spot ahead of his 2022 bid for Re-Election (which he will almost certainly seek). His approval rating was fairly decent in the month of September, but in mid October, after releasing a revised ‘Stay At Home‘ order, it began to dip. And then with the incident involving his escapade at the ‘French Laundry’ Restraunt, his approval rating took a huge plummet. Even many registered Democrats across the state are fed up with Newsom, which could spell some serious trouble for him if he is plagued with a Primary opponent, who happens to be a Progressive, and not a fellow Moderate. A progressive could equal ‘Game Over’ for Gavin before the General Election (which believe it or not, the GOP nominee could win) even took place.

However, there is a rather successful movement rising across the Golden State that, if given ballot access, and successfully voted for, could prevent Newsom from even making it to his potential 2022 primary. The current ’Recall Gavin’ movement is the biggest one by far, and is roughly 200,000 signatures away from making it onto the next statewide ballot. The significance of this is that only two Governors have successfully been recalled (one of which was a former California Gov at the beginning of the century) and both were in similar positions as Newsom. Hence why many California based Political news sites have began putting out articles of ‘adivce’ if you will, to assist the Governor in how to go about responding to this movement that is getting increasingly heated by the day. The signatures needed to get on the next ballot will be due before January 1st, 2021. That’s not a lot of time from now, and the Conservative activist behind this movement are well aware of that. However, with the rate at which they’ve been moving, the leaders of the project seem confident that they’ll have everything they need in place to ensure that California voters get to make a verdict on the rouge Governor before his bid for Re-Election even begins to surface.

Now, if Newsom does not end up getting recalled between now and the 2022 General Election, it’s worth noting that he can most certainly be defeated by a Republican. Insert outgoing San Diego Mayor, Kevin Faulconer. Faulconer, a Moderate Republican, has consistently held decent approval ratings as Mayor throughout his 8 years in office, and is respected across the Political spectrum by Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. Those latter options could very easily be a key stepping stone to Faulconer defeating Newsom in 2022 should he decide to run and win the nomination. Faulconer wouldn’t have a super difficult time winning over Democratic voters either since he supports modest forms of Gun restrictions, and is also Pro-Choice (though he is personally opposed to Abortion). These two policies alone will make it hard for Governor Newsom to make much of a typical Democratic smear campaign of Mayor Faulconer when running against him. Faulconer strongly supports Small businesses, and, like many Republicans and Conservatives alike, recognizes that they are truly America’s backbone. Newsom has not had a great track record of supporting small businesses either as Governor, Lieutenant Governor, or Mayor of San Francisco. To many, Newsom is seen as an ‘Out of touch’ Liberal. This would explain why he has a poor record of supporting SB‘s. Faulconer supports lowering Taxes to a level that will seek to circumvent the current rate of Californians & corporations who are fleeing the state in record numbers. Newsom does not. Faulconer will be able to hammer these points home during the debates that will likely be held, and, with enough campaign cash for TV ads, billboards, consistent public appearances, etc, he may just be able to do enough to knock off Newsom.

Now, Faulconer, if he ran, would have to earn the Republican nomination. And, that could prove to be difficult. See, most Republicans who live in California are Conservatives. Not Moderates of Liberals (as is the case in other Blue states like Vermont or Massachusetts...see their Governors for an example). And studies out of the state have shown that many California Conservatives are becoming increasingly disinterested in voting for someone who doesn’t line up directly with their beliefs. And since most Conservatives in Cali do not support Abortion or any form of Gun Control, it could make it quite difficult for Faulconer to win over these voters, since a simple ’I’m better than Gavin Newsom‘ pitch likely won’t cut it. He’ll be facing off against two other opponents to complete a three way Primary (if he joins the campaign before someone else joins before him). The other two Republicans who are running are Major Williams (who in 2019, ran for Mayor of Pasadena and nearly upset incumbent Democratic Mayor Terry Torneck) and Errol Webber (a Conservative congressional candidate who took on Congresswoman Karen Bass this November and lost by a wide margin). Both are African American, strong Conservatives, and can easily pick up more voters than Faulconer if he is unwilling to shift a bit more rightward ahead of this would be Gubernatorial campaign.

It remains to be seen just where this recall petition will go, or how Gavin Newsom’s fate will be decided. But one thing is for certain. It’s going to get very interesting. Newsom has plenty of time to rebuild a solid Approval amongst California voters before they head to the polls. However, for that to happen, he is going to have to start supporting Small businesses, supporting Lowering taxes, being in favor of rescuing industries fleeing the state, among other things. it seems unlikely at this point that Newsom will do any of these things, but as we know about Politicians in this nation, they’ll do so much to get elected. And though we here at RedEagle Politics are Right wing America First Populist Conservatives (the polar opposite of Faulconer), we would certainly be happy to see Kevin lead the Red’s to a huge upset victory in November of 2022, and perhaps begin the long awaited restoration of a once beautiful and magnificent state that has been destroyed by the Left wing, and their hideous agenda. May the odds forever be in Faulconer’s favor (or whomever the GOP nominee is for that matter).


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