Governor Turned ABC Host, Chris Christie Floats Potential 2024 Presidential Run

He's Back!

On Tuesday afternoon, Twitter was lit up with thousands of tweets regarding former New

Jersey Governor and 2016 Presidential candidate, Chris Christie. He was not being spotlighted on Twitter for a hot-take he made on ABC. He was not trending because a leftie felt compelled to remind the Twitter-verse of that time Christie did something dumb (which was quite often). Rather, Christie was trending because he had reveled to news outlets that he was considering a 2nd bid for the White House in 2024. Of course, within minutes of doing so, the memes began to roll in from every direction and from both the Left and Right.

Chris Christie has had a rocky career in politics to say the least. Elected Governor of New Jersey in 2009, Christie enjoyed mostly high approval ratings as the leader of the 'Garden State' for much of his opening term. However, following his convincing Re-Election in 2013, that's where things began to go down hill, as a result of something he did prior to the 2013 election. In the weeks leading up to his bid for another term, Christie was involved in a high-profile scandal regarding a decision he had made to close down two of the three lanes on the Fort Lee Bridge. From September 9th through the 13th, Christie ordered two of the three lanes to be closed in order for his personal aides and cabinet members to have an easy commute to and from the Governor's mansion.

Some common theories as to why he felt compelled to do this was due to him seeking 'retribution' (if you will) against the Mayor of Fort Lee, NJ, one Mark Sokolich. Mark continues to serve as Mayor to this day. Despite Sokolich being a Democrat, he was very much a supporter of the Governor, especially after Christie legalized Medical Marijuana in the state in 2010. However, it is understood that relations between the two officeholders quickly soured over one thing or another, and as a result of these tensions, Sokolich refused to endorse Christie for Re-Election, which reportedly infuriated the Governor. Whatever the reason, Christie's actions were childish and below the office of Governor and his approval rating ultimately took a strong plummet as more and more details of the situation came to light, just as it should have. It's widely believed that the main reason Christie managed to secure another term was due to the main details of this scandal not being released until after he had already been Re-Elected.

As Christie's 2nd term wound on, various things he said, did, and supported continued to offset the people of New Jersey to the point where his approval rating had hit a staggeringly bad 17% in the waning weeks of his Administration. Despite this, Christie pursued higher office and was not going to be intimated by bad approval ratings and media critics. The office he had set his sights on was the Presidency. Being one of the first Republicans to declare their candidacy for the 2016 election, Christie was, for a while, one of the main frontrunners in the field and this looked to be a promising sign for Christie in his bid to become the first Republican Presidential nominee from New Jersey. Then an even louder-mouthed New York billionaire entered the race and it was curtains from there on out. Chris managed to do well in the debates, but he was simply unable to match the energy and humor of the Trump camp, and could not generate enough enthusiasm to detract from Trump. Shortly after dropping out, Christie (recognizing that Trump had a legitimate shot to win back the White House for the Republican Party) endorsed Trump. This was certainly a risk for Christie to take because at the time of doing this, he was still a largely un-approved of Governor giving an endorsement to one of the most hated men in all of New Jersey; Donald Trump. If Trump went on to lose, he knew he would be finished entirely. But, Trump did indeed win, and Christie would go on to be apart of his transition team.

Fast forward to 2019, and much of the jovialness shared between Donald Trump and Chris Christie was gone. Christie, being as Establishmentarian as they come, was not fond of many of Trump's accomplishments and policy positions, particularly his Immigration agenda and Foreign Policy. He would go on to be offered a job by ABC as a contributor and went on to serve as an Elections analyst as well as a panelist on certain shows. Christie didn't go as far as Jeb Bush or Jeff Flake or these other washed-up career politicians did as far as their disdain for Trump and Trumpism, (because in fairness, Christie would defend Trump from time to time from vicious attacks from his ABC colleagues). But beyond a few select occasions, Christie was one of the central figures within the old-guard of the GOP cheering for Trump's downfall. He didn't pull a John Plastic and endorse Joe Biden *FROM THE DNC (SMH...), but I think we can all assume he voted for and secretly supported Joe Biden even if he would never would admit as such.

Chris has his moments of brilliance and pure comedy gold. But all in all, he's just a casual Republican, unable to drift away from the olden days of Republican Establishment politics and rule. Rather than get with the times and embrace Trumpism and the new direction the GOP is heading, he would rather revert the party back to the Pre-Trump platform and now intends to run for President a second time on such a platform that includes endless wars, mass Immigration..."sO lOnG aS iTs lEgAl", and shilling for big business, big corporations, big pharma and pandering to minority groups who will never shift away from the Democratic Party no matter how much TPUSA and YAF tell him they will. He's committed to running against Trump which is, to a degree, commendable when you consider he knows he probably won't make it through Super Tuesday before Trump has enough Delegates to become the GOP nominee (assuming he runs). However, it remains to be seen if perhaps Christie has a trick up his sleeve. Certain individuals have speculated that Christie may be attempting to 'groom' Trump into staying out of the race by promising him to choose him as his VP pick or awarding him a high profile position within the cabinet such as Attorney General or Secretary Of State/Defense. While this is certainly a plausible plot if you think about it, I don't think Trump will be too keen to trust a New Jersian who is struggling to stay relevant as is and who he recognizes is likely floating this Presidential run to return to the limelight, Only time will tell.


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