In 2022, Republicans Must Learn From the Mistakes of the Midterms of the Past

It's the only way to win the future.

2010 was a great year for the Republican Party on the surface. They had their first commanding victory in an election since 2004, and gained 63 seats in the House, 6 in the Senate, and picked up 6 Governor's Mansions. It looked like a new conservative movement was brewing, especially as they proved to be an effective bulwark early on in terms of halting many fiscally irresponsible aspects of the Obama administration. However, the Tea Party fell flat on its face because it had no direction and no coherent ideology. Also, many pro-worker aspects (trade, immigration, etc.) many members of it campaigned on were usurped by the fact that many of them were funded by megadonors who had an entirely different interest. The energy and populist sentiment from the Tea Party lived on throughout the Trump campaign, but the 2010 midterm elections produced very few authentic conservative and National Populist warriors compared to what they should have.

Astroturfed candidates who express a decent amount of populist sentiment typically cave in to the establishment when they are in office. Many of these candidates do not even know they are astroturfed when they are elected, yet the power of big money and the donor class usually ends up being who they answer to when in office. That is why it is important to look at who funds candidates and what their positions are on things such as trade, immigration, lobbying, and foreign policy. Just because they tie themselves to Trump does not mean they are going to be effective either, as evidenced in the case of Nancy Mace. Incompetent MAGA Inc. individuals that are cozy with the donor class such as Ronna McDaniel also hand-pick candidates as well, most of which usually end up being ones that pay lip service to Trump but solely focus on "economic freedom" and little to no populist aspects that gave Trump a leg-up on the competition back in 2016. This is not the way forward, and these people are by-and-large incapable of saving America.

A new Republican Party that can effectively represent the will of the people instead of special interests and big business is on the horizon. However, a Republican Party that fails to look to the past mistakes holding them back will never succeed. I am optimistic for the future so long as we the people wake up to the perils of the system, and see through the common façade of controlled opposition.


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