In Order to Prevent Joe Biden From Flipping the Rust Belt States, Trump Should Follow This Strategy

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Following the Officer Involved deaths of George Floyd & Breonna Taylor, protestors have taken to the streets to make their voices heard in an effort to bring about change. However, what started out as relatively peaceful protests, quickly evolved into something completely opposite of the terms “Peaceful” and “Protest”. That opposite I’m referring to is riots. These riots kicked off in the heart of Minnesota in the city of Minneapolis where George Floyd passed away. From there they spread all across the country to mostly large population centers including Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, among others. However, in recent times, these riots and those who’ve instigated them have begun to make their way into the suburbs and have brought violence and destruction with them. Suburban homes and businesses have been vandalized, torched, and looted. Suburban families have been made increasingly less safe and in many of these cities, the local “leaders” have significantly reduced what their Police Officers can do to quell the violence. 

Now, I’m not one who tends to associate tragedy with Politics, but through all of this damage that BLM rioters and their ANTIFA cohorts have caused, therein lies a strategy that President Donald Trump and fellow Republican candidates for various offices should exploit in order to achieve victory in November. This strategy at its core mostly centers around the fact that at Local, State, and Federal levels of Politics, Democrat Party politicians have repeatedly refused to condemn the violence and anarchy being preached and perpetrated by BLM and ANTIFA. There have been a few Democrats who have called out the violence, but if we’re being completely honest; it’s been half-assed. With this in mind, Trump (who, to a degree, is already pointing this out) and fellow Republicans need to start taking their message of Law and Order and quelling these violent riots to Suburban voters, especially those who are College educated. This voting base has been a loyalist group for the Democratic Party, but even they are starting to feel uneasy about the whole situation and if Trump and the GOP can convey the right message, their might just well be unmitigated electoral success on the Horizon. Out of the four main Rust Belt states (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania), Minnesota and Wisconsin have faced the more extreme riots and looting sprees than those living in Michigan and Pennsylvania. However, all four of these states are not only at play for Trump in 2020, but in 2016, he carried all of them with the exception of Minnesota and if he were to do the same again this year, he would almost certainly win Re-Election. 

Since it became clear that former Vice President and U.S Senator Joe Biden would be the Democratic Party’s nominee for President this year, he has consistently been leading the President in various polls in each Rust Belt state. However, Polling is hardly ever the ‘be all and end all’ of an election, and internal polling is showing some good signs for the Trump campaign as we’ve learned over the last few weeks. If Trump can make clear to Suburban voters just how costly this election is and how he differs from Joe Biden on curbing the violence BLM have brought unto them, it will likely benefit the President who is in need of a boost before Election Day. Trump can go one step further and point out that Joe Biden has been one such Politician I mentioned earlier that has issued largely half-assed rebukes against the violence and that if he becomes President, he will do next to nothing to stop it. 

Election Day will be hectic and chaotic and no matter who ends up winning, the turmoil we are currently experiencing nationwide will no doubt continue. As proud America loving Patriots, we must rise up and make our voices heard and speak our minds, especially by going to the Polls. We must not let BLM and ANTIFA to continue to harass and intimidate us. We must do our utmost best to subvert their radical agenda for America and their dream of an America that is one big Communist society wrapped in the banner of the Sickle and Hammer. My fellow Patriots, we are at a crossroads, and sooner or later, we will be required to fight to preserve our grand way of life and our amazing country that is under siege by Leftists. Be ready for that day. Until then, stand up for your rights, your property, your family, your pride, and most importantly, your country. 



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