Is an America First Third Party Viable in America?

Sort of--but only if we choose to make it viable.

Let's face it, we all know that the Republican Party has failed the American people. And the fact that they have fumbled the ball at every opportunity to pursue positive, authentic conservative change proves that they possibly are just as useless as their opposition. I could go on and on, issue by issue, but that is not the point of this article. My point of this article is to explore the idea of how a third party could be viable in the United States.

Now, I must preface this by addressing the question, "if we just have a third party, it will split the votes, and the Democrats win!" This is a legitimate concern, and it would clearly take willpower of a good 75%+ of the Republican base to do it. I believe that they could in a hypothetical scenario, especially as most of the GOP base is fed up with the GOP. A recent poll showed that a hypothetical Trump-led "Patriot Party" would outdo the GOP by 6 percent in a general election, though both lagged behind the Democrats. It is obvious that the endgame of a new party would be to replace the GOP with an authentic, America First party that only answers to the American people. Most of the GOP base would eventually consolidate themselves behind the new party. A new party could potentially pick off some Democrat voters in the process. This is definitely harder to do if Trump leads the charge, but a new party could be more appealing to union voters as well as socially conservative minorities who will be less turned off by the stigma currently surrounding the Republican Party.

If the 14 percent of voters up for grabs joined the third party, the Patriot Party would lose to the Democrats nationwide by a simple likely margin of just 9 percent, similar to what a Haley-led GOP would probably lose to them by. They probably would lose badly in a general election the first time around, and would lose many House and Senate seats to the Democrats, but would effectively destroy the Democrats in the process. It would take probably a couple cycles for them to have a clear shot at victory, but once they would, it would almost seemingly be inevitable at that point. Our nation's turn to globalism, degeneracy, and social hyperstratification have led to its decline, and only strong leadership will be able to solve our problems. We need a party willing to hold the line on social issues, take back our culture and heritage from the socially Marxist establishment, purge corruption from our government, secure our borders and limit all forms immigration to net zero/net negative, limit forever wars overseas, restoring the family, while exploring common-sense, economically populist solutions that benefit the workers in middle America.

Now, do I expect this to happen? Probably not. Too many Republicans do not have the stones to vote for anyone else, no matter how much they may agree with them. And I do believe it is still possible to co-opt the Republican Party the way Trump attempted back in 2016 (and made some decent progress as well). Trump has said he will not make a third party, and that he will work with McCarthy and McConnell to win back the chambers of Congress in 2022. That does not sound too promising if he cares about their input, but he does at least seem willing to support the primary challengers of people such as Liz Cheney. We will have to see what happens come next November.


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