Is Remembering 9/11 on the Left’s List Of Things To Cancel?

If you’re like me and you spend a considerable amount of time on Social Media, particularly Twitter, you’ll often notice that the Left and its ‘elite’ squad of “Cancel Culture” warriors will have some of the most obscene Hashtags trending on the platform, and in recent times, the hashtags have been calling for the cancellation of various things that we as American loving Patriots hold dear. Naturally, there desire to cancel the long time running Syrup company called “Aunt Jemima” back in July really threw many ordinary Americans for a loop and in the process appeared to expose that Cancel Culture all along was really just a tactic by the Left to drive the Right insane with antics that are clearly absurd, but never followed through on….Yeah. If only. Not only did they force those who produce “Aunt Jemima” into submission, they got the Company executives to release what normal people (who aren’t dumb enough to recognize what Marxism is), would call Propaganda. And this only took them a matter of days. That’s right. A group of Leftwing Soyboys on Social Media with enough pressure managed to get a group that was in the midst of its 201st year of existence to submit to their emotionally charged the blink of an eye.

I personally rarely used “Aunt Jemima’s” syrups whenever I would sit down to have Waffles or Pancakes, but even so, I was still furious that the Left was able to achieve something as big as shutting a company down with little to no difficulty all because they believed the company was racist and a reminder to Black Americans of...get this...Slavery…(Yes...I know). Naturally, these events and knowing the other things that the Left was after got me thinking: “What else do the Left want, and to what lengths will they go to get it”? While likely to never happen, I would not be surprised if within the next 5-8 years, doing something as simple as remembering the gnarly 3,000 victims of 9/11 is considered “offensive” or “counterintuitive to progress” according to the Left’s dictates. Why you ask? Think about it. With the exception of the Vietnam War, thanking our Military service members for their service and sacrifice to the nation used to be a nationwide tradition that was valued and honored. But fast forward to the 21st century, and all of the sudden, those on the Left largely despise our Military and the work that they do in order to keep us a free and safe nation. With 9/11, It’s no different because of one big thing. That thing is Muslims. What do I mean? Simple. Whenever the Left now thinks of 9/11 the first thing that often comes to their minds is “9/11 was such a bad day to be a Muslim...especially in New York” or “I couldn’t imagine being a Muslim person on 9/11” INSTEAD of remembering all those who perished on that horrific day. It all comes back to the absurd, crazy and “to stupid to be true” nature of Cancel Culture. If CC isn’t stopped, it’ll only be a matter of time before the tech giants in Silicon Valley start shadow banning you on Facebook for spreading “hate-speech” *against* Muslims for posting a picture of the Twin Towers either on fire, or the site where they were following their destruction. It sounds crazy, especially given the nature of the subject...but as we’ve seen time and time again throughout the last 4 years or so, the Left are not afraid to rise up and go after things they deem to be a “threat” to mankind...which today is just about everything...but I digress.

In this country, we are blessed every single day beyond measure to have freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of Press (even if it is often lousy), and much more. But those freedoms are coming under heavy assault from those on the Left. They must be stopped and it is up to us, the America First Patriots of this country to stop them. The Left likes to scream against and speak out against Fascism (as one should)…but then (funny enough), they *themselves* engage in behavior and speak the kind of rhetoric that one would expect to be spoken from a Fascist such as Adolf Hitler or Benito Mussolini. Don’t let the Left’s ignorance and complete and total misconception of Fascism be the stepping stone towards the dismantling of our day-to-day liberties enshrined in our nation’s Constitution. Cancel Culture has gone on long enough, and they *must* be stopped. I know that the Left will also utilize CC to get Conservatives doxxed or fired from their jobs and that can make it hard for a handful of readers of this article to find the courage to stand up to them. But’s beyond time to push back on their idiocy and their wickedness and take our country back. We can do this...and we *must* do this. Otherwise: 9/11, Veteran’s Day. Memorial Day, Christmas, Easter, and a host of other famous Holidays and/or days of Observance that have been celebrated in this country for decades upon decades will be done away with. Rise up Patriots!


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