It's Official: Gavin Newsom Is Facing A Recall

The Republicans have an opportunity of a lifetime to seize control of the Governor's mansion for the first time in a decade and in the process, snatch away Gavin Newsom's reign of power. They must grab it with two hands.

After an arduous effort by California residents to force Governor Gavin Newsom to face a Recall, they've finally got enough signatures! Since assuming office in January of 2019, Gavin Newsom has been the subject of sharp criticism from California Conservatives, and after many attempts at forcing a "Recall", they have done just that! The requirement to force a recall election in the state of California is to collect 1,500,000 signatures. Those signatures then need to be verified and matched with signatures on file with the person who signed. Any person seeking to sign a given Recall petition must be a registered voter and a legal resident of California (in this case).

Despite California's fairly large population, collecting 1,500,000 signatures is not as easy as it might seem. For one thing, the state of California is a 'deep blue' state politically. This presents an obvious challenge of finding enough support to get the signatures required to force a 'Recall'. When collecting signatures for said 'Recall', the preferred target (though not required) is Democratic aligned voters and/or Independents. Why you ask? It's simple. It sends a message. It sends a message that the voters of the party who has a stranglehold on all branches of the state Government are un-satisfied and in favor of something new. Something...fresh.

A second reason why collecting the required amount of signatures to force a 'Recall" is difficult is because many times after signature collectors have submitted their forms to the state, 9/10 (give or take which state it happens in), the state rejects the forms because of irregularities in signature-matching. And usually when this happens, the people who are in charge of the 'Recall' effort typically give up and wait a few months to try again, or (and this usually the case), sit back and hope somebody else who is as fed up with a given politician as they themselves are, will do it for themselves. As it relates to California, this has happened already a few times since Newsom took office. However, with how poorly he has run the state into the ground, the determination factor from Conservatives to successfully petition a 'Recall' was never in doubt. To many, Newsom facing a 'Recall' election was a matter of "if". Not "when".

Now that the signatures have been collected, the hard work begins now. Despite the strong (and disgusting) edge that the Democratic Party has within California, the right candidate, coupled with growing frustrations from both sides of the political spectrum and a struggling statewide economy on the brink of 'death' (if you will), Newsom & the Democrats could be in for a rude awakening come November. In the current Republican primary field, there exists really one solid option to bring down Newsom, and it's a man I've written about a few times before on the site. I'm speaking of former San Diego Mayor, Kevin Faulconer. With Faulconer being a 'Moderate' Republican, and in-line with Newsom on key issues to California voters such as (Healthcare, Abortion access, Taxes, Immigration, etc), he stands the best chance to win in November, over the more 'Conservative' options of Major Williams (who ran for Mayor of Pasadena in 2019 and barely lost to the Democratic incumbent) and Errol Webber (who ran for Congress in 2020 against Congresswoman, Karen Bass, and got wacked). Would these two men be a more ideal choice than Faulconer? Definitely. But, unfortunately, Conservatism is all but affectionately dead in California and Republicanism is barely holding on by a thread.

Time will tell just what happens to Governor Newsom this year. All we can hope for is a Newsom blunder. This can happen quite easily if he continues down the path he has chosen to travel. This path includes: Enacting High taxes, enforcing increasingly unpopular mask mandates (even amongst registered Democrats there), No improvements to Healthcare, Poor infrastructure, Small Businesses struggling, etc. I will be sure to cover the Recall cycle closely and frequently as there are sure to be many twists and turns and a lot of nasty fighting between the candidates. We march on to November. Full steam ahead!


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