Kanye West Teases 2020 Presidential Run in Independence Day Tweet

Eccentric music artist and media personality Kanye West hinted on Twitter on July 4 that he would be considering a run for the presidency this November.

This tweet has two interpretations. We all know that Kanye West has been a massive fanboy of President Donald Trump, saying he has never voted before but will vote for him this November. This tweet could be signaling a 2024 run, as Kanye has publicly expressed interest for one in the past. He says he has 2020 vision, but not necessarily that he is running for president in 2020.

The second interpretation for this Tweet is that Kanye, being the bipolar man he is, is going to run this cycle and will be destined to be the Ross Perot (or more likely the John Anderson) of the 2020 election. He may still like Trump, but will decide to help him out by running for president on Biden's left on some issues yet to his right on others, gaining a substantial percentage of the black vote in the process. It would also help take younger voters away from Biden as well. Trump's base would relatively remain intact in the process. Here's what a map would look like:

Do you guys think Kanye could run? Let me know on Twitter. We will just have to wait and see what Kanye meant by that tweet. If he does decide to run, it would appear that the craziest year in modern American history just got a whole lot crazier.


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