Lee Zeldin: New York’s Next Governor?

Earlier on this week, New York Congressman Lee Zeldin announced his candidacy for New York Governor, ahead of the state’s 2022 election for that office. Zeldin, who represents New York’s 1st Congressional District and has done so since 2015, has become the only high-profile figure within the GOP Primary field, and save for a few other potential candidate entries, Zeldin looks to be the clear favorite to challenge Incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo next November. Despite the ’Empire‘ State’s recent affinity with the Democratic Party (especially in NYC), Republicans still very much have pockets of the state in which they exert almost full control. In addition to that, there are many regions of the state where Independents and third-party voters make up a majority of the given electorate. If Zeldin can tap-in to the issues that these Voters care about the most, it could almost certainly be a winning combination.

Zeldin will no doubt be running this campaign under the brunt of some serious pressure from the Democrat machine of New York City as well as from Governor Cuomo and his henchmen. However, Lee is very much aware of this, and that is part of what makes him the best possible candidate to take on the morally corrupt and abrasive Andrew Cuomo. Lee is a fighter, and is full of energy, determination, grit, and spirit. He truly wants to reform the state of New York and get the state back on track to reaching its full potential. It’s no secret that for a considerable amount of time now, the state of New York has been way off track in regards to protecting the civil liberties of individuals, such as Gun rights, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly, etc. With a Zeldin Administration, he will restore these liberties one-by-one, whilst also dealing with the issues that are negatively affecting New York families such as burdening tax rates, increasingly costly fees for education, and a broken transport system.

Unlike Governor Cuomo, Zeldin has a plan to tackle corruption head-on. When it comes to the issue of corruption, there is a totally different tale to be told between the Governor and the Congressman. To keep it short; the Governor embraces corruption, and the Congressman fights tooth and nail to purge it wherever it attempts to rear its ugly head. More than corruption, Zeldin is 100x more personable than that of Cuomo. Cuomo (much like his father before him, though much worse) are out-of-touch big city Leftists who don’t have a grip on how society is functioning outside of their own utopia(s).

And that leads me to my final point: Cuomo’s scandals. During the early days of the Coronavirus pandemic here in America, Governor Cuomo was quick to receive an abundance of praise from every corner of the legacy media. The praise was based on his ‘tough’, ’no-nonsense’ response to to Covid, and how his actions supposedly saved thousands of New Yorkers lives. But, come to find out a few months later, not only did Cuomo display treasonous leadership during the pandemic, but he was willing to kill off New York senior citizens in order for yet another moment in the spotlight, and to boost his chances of winning his next election (thanks to this praise he was getting). Typical politician move. However, he was soon found-out and exposed for the criminal and indeed murderer he is. His actions have led to several Democrats in both Congress and within the New York Legislature calling for Cuomo to resign his post, while others have been singing a slightly different tune.

Such a tune is the tune of Impeachment. The first call for an Impeachment inquiry into the Governor’s conduct and nursing home scandal came from a fellow Democrat, State. Representative Andy Kim, an Andrew Yang-affiliated Centrist. Kim’s calls for Impeachment were largely centered around the issue dealing with Nursing homes. However, he also included how away from the blinding lights of the media’s cameras, Cuomo had been seen and heard issuing verbal threats to state lawmakers, as well as the multiple accusations of sexual misconduct carried out by him, most of which he has still yet to publicity push-back on as of the time of publishing.

With the weight of the world seemingly on Cuomo’s shoulders, Lee Zeldin has a wonderful opportunity to restore New York and pull of a huge upset victory next November. It will take a concerted and strong collective effort to get everything right. However, Lee is in prime position to capture enough votes to be the nominee and potentially, capture enough votes to win the confidence of New Yorkers when it turns time for them to vote In the General. Be sure to get the message out for Lee! Let’s take back New York!


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