Leftists Twist Facts Surrounding Trump's Tulsa Rally

Trump's rally at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma was entertaining to watch. It showcased a mix of his old 2016 self with the new accomplishments that he has achieved throughout his presidency. He was the perfect mix of comedian-like and presidential. He hit Joe Biden where it hurts and showed that America is back and the silent majority is ready to fight.

Yet, the left does not care about any of this. They instead are focusing on the fact that Trump only was able to get 6,200 people into the 19,000 seat arena. They note the fact that Brad Parscale touted a million people signed up for tickets and claim that it was "Tik Tok Zoomers" and "K-Pop Stans" who made blumpfh le orange man look like a fool. They are claiming that this is evidence of a massive loss in Trump support and that it proves that he is destined to lose 62 states or so in November's election. Even AOC had to pile on with a nonsensical tweet about it, which got half a million likes or so (purely organically, I TOTALLY assume).

The problem with that is the "zoomers" (led by a 45 year old landwhale Karen) had no impact whatsoever on the attendance numbers. Trump rallies operate on a first-come, first-serve basis. I have been to four rallies and they did not check for tickets once. It is possible that they may have inflated the ticket request count, but Brad Parscale and others claim they removed tens of thousands of fake signups. I highly doubt this inflated the number very much, especially as there were already hundreds of thousands of signups before the trend really took off. Most of these were most likely Trump fans from out of state boosting the numbers as well as people who were not sure if they wanted to go.

The fact that there were only 6,200 people in attendance was also disputed. I don't know why the Tulsa Fire Department would lie, but clearly the lower bowl was relatively full when Trump entered the stage. There were also several thousand people in the standing room as well as the upper bowl. Several Trump campaign officials estimated 12,000 while I said it was anywhere from 10K at a minimum to 13K at most. Who knows, even if it was 6,200 it still would be a hundred times the size of your average Biden rally.

Why did people stay home? Well, most likely political violence in the news combined with fears of catching the virus. The crowd was noticeably younger as many people reported. Temperatures were also taken at checkpoints of entry, and I am sure that many people who could not get a 98.7 degree temperature on a very hot day may have been turned away. Protestors also blocked the door, and for safety reasons several thousands allegedly were turned away. The crowd was then dispersed shortly afterwards for safety reasons. Leftists have tried to dispute this claim, but some people that were actually there corroborated it. If it is true, the arena more likely than not would have been packed and I would not be writing this article right now.

Not to mention, over ten million people watched it online. FOX had 7 million people watching it, it's highest ratings in a very long time. So yes, AOC, millions do care about Trump's all-welcoming, American Nationalist message.

The left is shooting themselves in the foot by focusing on this nonsense. If Trump's next rally in a big arena is full, they will just end up looking foolish. Even if you believe the drop in Trump support in the polls which would be 2 percent or so, Trump would only have lost a few hundred fans in attendance. This was clearly due to a mix of the virus as well as leftist protestors, NOT a drop in Trump's enthusiastic base.


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