Maxine Waters In *Hot* Water

EDIT (4:56 PM EST): House Democrats have blocked the motion to censure Maxine Waters. Typical.

On Saturday, Twitter was set ablaze when comments made by California Congresswoman Maxine Waters at a protest near Minneapolis began to go viral. While speaking to reporters who were covering the events of the protests closely, Congresswoman Waters insisted that protestors continue to stay in the streets and cause damage until a verdict was given in the trial of former Minneapolis Police Officer Dereck Chauvin. Waters’ exact comments were “activists need to get more confrontational“ and “we’ve got to let them know that we mean business”. These comments quickly began to wrack up heavy amounts of backlash, and rightfully so. However, that would not be the end of the line for Maxine.

On Monday, two days following those comments from Waters (who by this point had doubled down on what she said), the judge in the Chauvin trial informed the defense that it Derek was found guilty by the jury, they could likely use Maxine’s comments to take the trial and declare it a ‘mistrial’ and start over. This would be due to jurors likely feeling fearful of what might happen to them if they were to set Chauvin free. On Sunday, a day after the comments were made, fellow Congressional representative and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy called on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to take action against Waters for her incitement of violence that was intended to interfere with the trial as to get the verdict she and others want. Pelosi (unsurprisingly) did nothing and as of the time of writing, it has now been revealed that House Republicans have begun the process to censure Maxine Waters. They will likely have all Republicans on board when it comes time to vote, and may even have the support of a few Democrats. Democrats such as Jared Golden, Tim Ryan, and Jim Cooper would likely sign-on to the censure measure.

Maxine is in a difficult situation and has put the trial at odds with her buffoonery. But for ‘Mad Maxine’, this is nothing new. She can’t help but act like a dunce and a nuisance anytime she is given public press and attention. She’s been one of the worst, most ineffective, and most corrupt members of the Congress for decades, and part of that stems from her behavioral issues. Hopefully the censure measure will pass. If Democrats care to avoid being labeled hypocrites (which, in fairness, most of them aren’t), but for the ones who do: They’ll vote to censure Maxine without so much as a second thought. After all, 11 House Republicans voted to strip Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor-Greene of her Committee Assignments back in February after she had threatened Democratic lawmakers. Democrats should be obligated to return the favor and punish one of their own who has made threats of violence. Different situation, but same threat. Violence.


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