Parler: The New Frontier for Social Media Conservatives

This week, specifically after Twitter banned longtime Trump meme curator Carpe Dontkum, many conservatives left Twitter for the new app Parler, a pro-free speech social network. Parler is in early stages of development, and is reminiscent of how Twitter was circa 2012. Most of its users are strictly political, and pretty much every big name on the right now has an account on the network. It seems as if there is over a million users at the moment, which includes me, as I now have almost 600 followers on the site (shameless plug, but follow me @redeagle).

Parler's fast growth is a good thing for users, as people do not have to worry about calling people names without their account being suspended or having it taken away. Parler is also good because banned voices like Laura Loomer, Owen Shroyer, and Alex Jones still have a platform on Parler. There are no biased algorithms or shadow bans either. Verification is also very easy, as I may even be able to get a gold badge within a few weeks or so. Even those who are not influencers can be verified (though the badge is red, not gold), so confusing parody accounts of people Twitter decides cannot have their prestigious blue checkmark can be limited. Parler has recently risen to the top of the app store charts, and is currently above Twitter in recent downloads.

Some leftists have claimed that they will try to infiltrate Parler to "own le contards," which is fine. They likely will not last on a conservative platform that gives them no special algorithmic boost. Even if every leftist from Twitter joined Parler, that would actually be a great thing. It would give the app legitimacy, and would allow for conservative voices to spread to a wider audience without being filtered out by a leftist algorithm. The only person who really needs to join Parler to give it full legitimacy is President Donald J. Trump, though, who would most certainly end up being the most followed user overnight and can bring tens of millions of his fans to the network.

Free speech social media has existed in the past. Yet, networks like Minds, Bitchute, and Gab have failed to really take off. Minds never gained a whole lot of attention. Bitchute, a more "free-speech" version of YouTube, is not very user friendly and ripe with plenty of Nazi (and Satanic) propaganda. Gab, although founded by a Jewish man, has been a safe-haven for alt-right wignats which turned off most normal people who joined the platform. Parler is different, as it has a much more mainstream conservative audience. Some of this audience is cringe, yet it is important as it gives the platform legitimacy. And the numbers do not lie. Parler is now ranked #1837 (at press time) in the US Alexa rankings, while Gab sits at #4636. Parler is also skyrocketing, and if Twitter continues to censor people, the trend may continue.

I still do believe that big tech needs to be subject to stricter regulation as they continue to act like publishers instead of platforms. I also believe that Parler will need to make its interface more user-friendly if it really wants to grow. Either way, I do believe that Parler is a great new website that promotes free speech and an unbiased algorithm, and I will continue to use it along with Twitter. I encourage that other conservatives decide to do the same.


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