RBG Passes, What Happens Next?

Over the weekend, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away at age 87. Now, it is time for conservatives to come together and rally behind Trump's pick that he must push through before the election. Getting a pick through as fast as possible will give the Democrats one less reason to vote for Joe Biden, and gets us a 6-3 court. And if Biden wants to court pack, that's even more poisonous to voters in the middle than a 6-3 conservative court. Democrats will call us hypocritical for rushing a judge through in an election year, but we do control the Senate and we know that if the shoe was on the other foot, they would confirm one immediately. Besides, after what they put Kavanaugh through, we should get to make a thousand SCOTUS appointments.

I must say that Trump's shortlist has narrowed. He is going to pick a woman. This leads us to the big three. The least likely to be picked candidate is Allison Rushing. She is probably the best on the issues, but unlikely to be picked by Trump at this point, let alone get through the Senate fast enough. She is the high risk, high reward option, however, and can serve up to 50 years or more given her young age. Amy Coney Barrett has been seen as the frontrunner for a while now, but questions about her past and the fact that she may recuse herself from death penalty and immigration cases seems to have turned off conservatives. The fact she has a reputation as an abortion hardliner turns off plenty of people on the left and in the middle, and she probably will not be able to get passed. The safe pick here is none other than Barbara Lagoa. She is an Ivy league grad, a Cuban, and from the crucial swing state of Florida. I have questions about her record and the fact she is liked by the Koch brothers, but she is already vetted, has the votes, and will get through instantly.

The left will riot, and burn down the country yet again. This will only help Trump among moderate voters if he picks Lagoa, at least in crucial swing states. Biden will look foolish if he attempts to pack the court, and Trump will have arguably a better chance to hold the White House for 4 more years. The ball is in our court, conservatives.


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