Republicans Remain Apathetic Ahead of Georgia's Senate Runoff

If the American Electorate had any faith in our electoral system, I am confident that even if Trump lost the Republican voter base would be all in to save the Senate from falling into Democrat control. However, since that is not the case, and this election process has caused a massive anger at the establishments of both parties from the right. In turn, plenty of Republicans either are boycotting the election and hope that the Democrats win it to punish the GOP, or just are ambivalent to the situation at all. Some are afraid to vote because of a potential system failure, which in my own view is not a valid reason to boycott an election. However, I do understand the anger at the GOP establishment and I am not going to whine one bit if the Democrats manage to win both seats based off the fact that the Establishment GOP and Mitch McConnell brought this upon themselves.

A poll of over 2,300 diehard conservatives on my Twitter account found that over a third just did not care. This is not a good way to gague Republican Likely Voters in Georgia, but it does show that a slim yet consequential minority of Trump's base is not voting for Perdue or Loeffler. This in and of itself makes the election hard to predict. I believe that the Georgia suburbs make the underrated possibility of a Loeffler/Ossoff split likely, but who knows what will actually happen. Either way, the establishment GOP brought this upon themselves and they do not deserve to win, even if at times I may view them as preferable to the Democrats. If they lose, Manchin likely will not vote to remove the filibuster and Biden will not be able to accomplish anything. However, the GOP will likely blame Trump for a loss, so in that regard it may be preferable for them to win, but either way not much will change. Mitch does not represent the interest of middle America and neither does Chucky boi.


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