RINO Congressman Denver Riggleman Ousted at Virginia State Convention

In a drive-thru state convention, Virginia Rep. Denver Riggleman was ousted by his own party after being a total and complete RINO throughout his short stint in Congress. He had previously come under scrutiny by the party for his willingness to facilitate non-traditional "wedding" ceremonies. The party decided to nominate Bob Good, an evangelical Christian who is an immigration restrictionist. He will most likely win in November and will serve his district proud. This also happened despite President Trump's reckless endorsement of Riggleman, which is huge. My main criticism of Trump is how he continues to puzzlingly endorse people that have attempted to subvert his original agenda like Riggleman.

This is great for the anti-establishment right as one more domino in the establishment has fallen. Bob Good has called for ending birthright citizenship and making English the official language of the United States, two things that have been long overdue. Republicans across the nation should take note and vote for America First candidates throughout whatever remaining primaries there are this year. It is vital that our ideas represent the future of the party and its platform.

More on this topic here (my latest video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihRG2EqYaIM


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