Riots Break Out Across America Due to the Death of George Floyd

Across America last night, many people were injured and millions of dollars in property were damaged due to many riots that took place after the police killing of George Floyd. In my opinion, unlike most shootings in years past by police, this one was unjustified. Still, that does not justify riots which are extremely counterproductive that destroy more black lives and black capital. These acts of violence only make the relationship between the black community and police worse and they do nothing to bring back George Floyd from the dead. These riots are also based on a false narrative that there is an epidemic of police-on-unarmed black murders. In 2019, according to the Washington Post, only three unarmed black people who were not attacking the police were killed. 14 unarmed white people were killed. That means that 56% of the 25 people killed unjustly by police were white, and just 12% were black. That means blacks are underrepresented in police murders despite representing nearly 50% of murder victims as a whole. I do not know what was in the cop's heart when he did what he did, but Americans of all colors and political affiliations should be seeking justice for Floyd instead of acting like a lunatic and burning down the country.

It is also hilarious to see the same left that got mad at a peaceful Michigan protestor, who was exercising Constitutional carry, for yelling behind a police officer defend these morons who stab people in wheelchairs and ransack Target and Auto Zone while stealing ATM machines and televisions. Their double standards are showing, but it only further exposes their anti-White, anti-American race war agenda.


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