Rising "Pro-Trump" Twitter Elections Analyst Quits After Being EXPOSED as a Foreign Psyop

First of all, I want to tell people that I dislike infighting. It is something that the right does far too often which weakens us as a movement. However, when individuals are weakening the movement a lot more than the concept of infighting does, they need to be called out on their nonsense and bullsh*t. Especially when they may be foreign nationals attempting to subvert a campaign or a movement. And that is why I decided to write this article.

There has been this Twitter account that has been providing news and elections analysis for about 7 months or so. The account goes by the name "Thao Nguyen." I originally discovered the account when they were the only person willing to call out a certain formerly conservative grifter's SJW meltdown about memes surrounding the coronavirus epidemic. I subsequently found out about their coverage surrounding elections and decided to give them a follow. Plenty of the analysis has been relatively run-of-the-mill and not really noteworthy.

I actually liked some of "Thao's" analysis until the account threw a temper tantrum at me when my account got hacked and demanded that I apologized for it. They really decided to stab me in the back despite the fact that I constantly promoted the account when they had much less followers than me, only to have them surpass me and decide to throw me to the leftist wolves who had previously threatened to drag me out into the street and beat me to death. This is not a battle of who has more followers (I could care less about that), but a true battle of sticking to principle and standing up for others on your own side who are under attack because of baseless allegations.

In addition to the gatekeeping, some red flags surrounding the issues really came up when it came to immigration. This guy would go around spreading largely speculative news that would claim there is evidence of a long-term realignment where Hispanic Americans would vote Republican (largely without evidence) as well as the fact that mass immigration is good and would not affect the party. He also claimed that California would flip red due to mass immigration come 2036. This is irresponsible behavior, and the perceived intellect this guy had would be contradicted by the ludicrousness of his statements.

When it comes to the issue of the Hispanic vote, yes it is true that Trump probably will improve on his 2016 total. It is also true that Republicans may do a little bit better with them in the future. Yet, when the group statistically favors a bigger government, amnesty for illegals, gun control laws, and free speech control laws, it is hard to see us do better than the high 30's for the foreseeable future, at least not with compromising our core values. If we implement a moratorium on all immigration, it is true that Hispanics will become more Republican over time as they assimilate, but that is not the main policy he has advocated for. He also claimed that there is no breaking point for suburban trends, which can be debunked by the fact that college white men are not really moving left and that it is more of a gender issue than simply an educational one.

The brief time this individual was on my Discord server, he stressed agreement with Charlie Kirk to bring in 50 million immigrants into America over a ten-year-period for "population competition." The subtle anti-Viktor Orban sentiment expressed by this guy also did not sit well with me, as Orban's policies actually serve the people of his country accordingly in a conservative manner. He also supported Dick Cheney, the Iraq War, as well as many other anti-populist, pro-neocon principles. The number of inconsistencies in their ideology was hilariously immense. I wish I had the screenshots, but I sure as hell do have witnesses.

This rhetoric is not America First, this is not American, and this is not the message that President Trump ran on back in 2016 that resonated with so many people disaffected from politics to begin with. Fundamentally, I could care less what some moron on the internet tweets. What is more scary to me that this person has gained 25,000 followers almost overnight and is being retweeted and supported by people high-up in the Trump Campaign as well as the conservative movement. People like Donald Trump, Jr., Scott Pressler, Ann Coulter, Jason Miller, as well as many others have retweeted or followed this guy who is not fundamentally on our side. The Trump campaign better not be dumb enough to engage in Direct Messaging or take advice from a person who is not even most likely real.

Yes, you read that correctly. Me, along with my team of based zoomer investigators, have concluded that "Thao Nguyen" is not a real person. There is a reason I have been calling this individual "he" this whole time. Because it is most likely a man.

We can start by the obvious fact that "Thao Nguyen" is not who they say they are. They claimed for the longest time that they attended George Washington University. Yet, in the very public student directory, no person with that name exists. This also speaks volumes given the commonality of this name among Vietnamese Americans. When called out on it, they silently removed GWU from their bio. There is also an unconfirmed rumor that they had "Michigan" as their location back in the day, but I could not confirm that.

That alone should be enough of a red flag to conclude the investigation. Yet, let's examine this even further. This individual claims to be an Asian, Atheist (cringe, and even more of a red flag because they were "from Utah"), Lesbian individual. Per The Economist's "guess how you vote quiz," there is a 99% chance demographically of this individual voting Democrat. That alone is another red flag, being a massive statistical anomaly, but let's examine this even further.

Nguyen claimed to be in a lesbian relationship with another Vietnamese individual who was a groyper. The fact a lesbian groyper exists in the first place is laughable, judging from how Nick Fuentes opposes homosexuality (and women on the internet) vehemently and believes it to be degenerate. They also claimed that this other woman was her roommate and that they watched the results of the Texas HD-28 election on their first date (try not to laugh while reading this, but there is no f**king way this happened). All this and more basically proves that this individual is not who they say they are. They probably got the pictures they used for the "Thao" persona by simply switching their Tinder location to somewhere in Vietnam. That would explain why the pictures were untraceable to any other form of social media. The fact that they did not have an Instagram, Facebook, or any other form of social media was also a big red flag, knowing kids these days.

After I decided to call out this individual on their inconsistencies surrounding policy, immigration, and their identity, they decided to leave Twitter forever on June 23. They later claimed to be returning on July 8, then deactivated their account, then returned on July 6. The account posted a tweet comparing 2020 to an episode of South Park (which was oddly reminiscent of one of my tweets from a week before), changed their picture to the Geico gecko (hilariously after he had been called out for faking the picture of the woman), and then deactivated again after changing their name to "undefined." We do not know if they will return, but either way the amount of red flags is astounding.

I have also spoken to many people who have been involved with the election prediction community as well as certain parts of the election prediction mafia and they all had a similar claim: that Thao Nguyen was the second coming of Sam Zhang, a transgender pro-Trump Chinese account that was outed to be ran by some (s)expat in Singapore named John Something. I assume this is a high-effort troll who just loves to mess with our elections and subvert the conservative movement in the process. I would not be surprised if a neocon, pro-Trump female Japanese woman named Sakura Mitsubishi pops up on the Twittersphere a couple months from now. Conservatives must take note and be wary, that is all. I just wonder if they will actually know how to capitalize their sentences this time.


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