The 2020 Election: Where Does America Go From Here?

This election is not over. And I will not concede no matter what happens. That is what I will preface this article with. We may end up winning this in court. I have spoken at length on my channel about the potential shady activities that went down. Honestly, I believe that Donald Trump won this election. He turned out over 10 million Americans more than last time in an attempt to defeat a braindead, corrupt politician who is a trojan horse for an eclectic mix of neocons, the far left, and the general elite. The shenanigans that were confirmed in several swing states would warrant a re-vote in any normal circumstances. Trumpism is stronger than ever and will not go away. America First is inevitable, and it is the future. It's a rigged system either way, and we must keep fighting to dismantle it the way Donald Trump has attempted to do so over the past four years.

2022 will be an exciting year in attempt for us to clean out the GOP establishment. I look forward to working on it. But in the meantime, we must fight tooth and nail to audit the votes. Winners never quit, and this is not over yet. Do not concede this election. Do not lose faith. If we do lose the battle, we will still be stronger than ever if we stay together now to win the war. The odds have us at 15%, Nate Plastic had us at 10% on Election Day. This is not over, and we outperformed expectations once again. We will hold the Senate, and almost took back the house. There is hope for this year and the future. A more united conservative movement will be unstoppable. We just need to make sure it remains authentic conservatism and not establishment Republicanism. If it was anyone but Trump, they would not have even had a fighting chance to win this election. Remember that.


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