The Covid-19 Vaccine: The Vaccination to Prevent a Unified America?

NOTE: This Op-Ed was submitted by John C. Burgundy. Red Eagle Politics himself did NOT write this article.

The United States is gasping for it’s last breath. 2020 was once again a year where the two-party paradigm over-politicized an issue to ravage the unity in the United States. The Governors that forced millions of people into lockdowns with their family for months ironically did nothing at all but tear Americans apart; this time it’s vaccinations.

Many Americans are told that vaccines are essential for children and adults alike to prevent illnesses, whereas other Americans believe that vaccines are dangerous for children and do more harm than good. Vaccines – especially the Covid-19 vaccine – have caused exorbitant tension amongst the American people. For decades, the media has portrayed the pro-vaxxers as the “right side” since they accept mainstream science, and they are scientifically enlightened by the micro biotic knowledge given to them by the same media that defends them. The anti-vaxxers are therefore seen as conspiracy theorists since they do not accept the mainstream narrative about vaccines. The dehumanization of the “scientifically illiterate” by the media does not help either since anti-vaxxers are often met with more malice.

Anti-vaxxers are against vaccines because it’s “the mark of the beast”; they are against it since many vaccine companies use an organomercury compound known as thimerosal, (or thiomersal). Thimerosal is a prominent ingredient which is said to keep the vaccine sterile to prevent any bacteria from entering the vial, but it comes with a dangerous price. Mercury is a neurotoxin and could be deadly if consumed, even in small amounts. That’s why at a young age we’re told not to touch a broken thermometer with mercury since it’s lethal when consumed. Thimerosal may cause severe neurological damage in a child’s brain since it’s underdeveloped and thus leaves the child with a form of autism. Many pro-vaxxers rebuke the argument and point to studies such as a study done by the Immunization Safety Committee, on behalf of the Institute of Medicine. Children were given vaccines containing thimerosal, while others were given placebos. This study concluded that, “the evidence was inadequate to accept or reject a causal relationship between thimerosal-containing vaccine and neurodevelopmental disorders. However, based on comparison with the toxicology of methylmercury, the biological plausibility of a link remained.” This does not shut down the anti-vaxxers since the study shows that there’s still a plausibility link, albeit considerably lower than anti-vaxxers expected.

Each Winter, the Media pressures the populace in getting “your annual flu vaccine”. Most people would that the flu vaccine prevents you from getting a specific strand, but if you get infected with a different strand then your vaccination was essentially useless. There are natural remedies such as fasting to heal your body when infected with a virus. The word “virus” itself is Latin for the word “poison”. The only way to cleanse the body of poison is through hydration, which does not mean through generic tap water, but spring water or stream water. Pure water is essential for hydration. Something like drinking soup and broth only help in the short-term – but surprisingly – water fasting is the better solution to cleanse the body of viral illnesses.

After the global pandemic, corporations like Pfizer and Moderna are developing the Covid-19 vaccine. Both corporations have remained dubious about the ingredients inside the Covid-19 vaccine and have showed that they do not care about the side effects. The CEO of Pfizer refuses to take his own vaccine, which is probably for obvious reasons since recently, a Californian nurse named Tiffany Dover fainted immediately after the vaccine was given to her. The side effects are unknown, and a lot of concerns are being raised as to whether it could sterilize women. Naturally, it’s being classified as misinformation, but it’s not even possible to support either claim since the vaccines are not even accessible to the general public yet.

The Covid-19 vaccine is classified as an mRNA vaccine. mRNA is an acronym used for Messenger RNA, which is a single-stranded RNA molecule that is complementary to one of the DNA strands of a gene. The mRNA is an RNA version of the gene that leaves the cell nucleus and moves to the cytoplasm where proteins are made. Essentially, this vaccine would be able to alter your DNA and your genetic makeup. Since the Covid-19 vaccine (depending on which one you get) is an mRNA vaccine, it could alter your biological interactions such as your emotions. That would mean that your VMAT2 gene would be affected. The VMAT2 gene is known as “the God gene”; it’s a gene that gives someone the ability to connect with the spiritual realm or connect with the Almighty. It gives a human the natural inclination to search for God. For Christians, the VMAT2 gene is a biological imprint of God creating us in His image and likeness that allows us to connect with Him. This gene is expressed quite heavily in spiritualist and/or fundamentalist Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, etc., whereas Atheists have little to no presence of the VMAT2 gene. This could explain why Atheists often turn to science and astronomy since they seek something greater, just like the VMAT2 gene naturally gives religious fundamentalists the inclination to do via worship; I digress. During a vaccine clinical trial in November 2020, a young Christian participated to take the vaccine. His mother said, “Prior to the clinical trial my son was a very active young Christian man.” Days after he took the vaccine, he made the following statement, “They have killed God. I can’t find God. My soul is dead.” Even if this case were to never happen or be fake, religious and/or spiritual people would remain skeptical of the vaccine. For example, some Christians see the vaccine as the mark of the beast like the one mentioned in Revelation 13:15-18. Whether or not it is the mark of the beast, many people refuse to take the vaccine regardless of religion or lack thereof.

Recently, Pfizer and Moderna were given total legal immunity from liability under the PREP Act. This means that no American can sue these companies for medical malpractice or deadly side effects; none of these companies would be held accountable if anything goes wrong. Pfizer is the same company that also had to pay $2.3 billion to settle criminal and civil liabilities back in 2009 for the illegal promotion of their pharmaceutical products. For example, Pfizer sold Bextra – an anti-inflammatory drug – which was recalled in 2005 due to safety concerns. Pfizer continued marketing it for various off label uses. Moreover, there are still more cases of Pfizer continuing this practice as well. The vaccine was produced too hastily by ruthless pharmaceutical monopolies that dominate the healthcare industry. If they can’t even be trusted to faithfully sell their products to Americans, why should Americans trust their vaccine? Ironically, those on the political Left would rebuke my statement and would demand vaccines immediately regardless of what happens. These people would rather defend Big Pharma and it’s immoral practices, yet lecture Moderates and Rightists why we need socialized medicine.

Despite my defense of anti-vaxxers, personally, I am not anti-vax. However, I am against unnecessary or optional vaccines like the flu shot or vaccines that are mandated by state governments. I often do not take vaccines where I have the choice to choose; I have never taken the flu shot in my life, yet I’ve never gotten the flu. However, I have taken many vaccines in my life and I have not felt like I have damaged my body or harmed my spirituality in anyway. Besides having an arm feeling like steel for several days, no other side effects ensue. This is mostly a result of my doctor using effective vaccines that lack thiomersal or other organomercury compounds. I can understand why there are so many people skeptical of the Covid-19 vaccine. Some are against it for chemical reasons, others for moral or religious reasons, and some people just don’t want it because they couldn’t be bothered. It doesn’t matter who’s at fault or if anyone’s to blame at all. Covid-19 and the vaccine have added more fuel into the fire of a burning nation.


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