The Energy Has Shifted

Republicans are winning everywhere, and winning big-league.

We all saw what happened earlier this month in Texas. Republicans outperformed Donald Trump by 22 points in the TX-06 runoff election. However, this did not only apply to that district in Texas. McAllen's mayoral election saw the conservative candidate advance to the runoff, combining with an even more conservative candidate for 43 percent of the vote in a city where Donald Trump did not crack 30 in 2016, and did not crack 35 in 2020. Massive shifts back red, even in urban and suburban areas, are a massive victory for Republicans in the short term and are a positive indicator about where the energy lies going into 2022.

Democrats performed very well across the country in the year of 2017. They won many mayoral elections in places they have not won in years, and made many R+20 districts very competitive in special elections. Republicans did very well in 2009 and 2010 in special elections, even flipping Massachusetts in the Senate of all states, which later became Elizabeth Warren's seat after 2012. When a party is out of power, their voters typically are energized. And as the Election Mafia continues to gaslight a "blue wave" in 2022, their base will be extremely angered by the historically inevitable results.

Furthermore, this article would not be complete if I did not mention the ridiculous GOP overperformance in the Omaha and Anchorage mayoral elections. In Omaha, the incumbent mayor Jean Stothert won by just under 7 points in 2017, down from a 15 point victory several years prior. This past week, she won by over 30 points. This was a race where many prominent Democrats tried in early on. Neoliberal YouTuber Destiny attempted to organize a rally for one of the candidates in the primary election. There were plenty of debates between April's primary and May's runoff, yet it did not matter. Stothert ran away with the largest victory of her career, and it was not even close. Douglas County as a whole voted for Biden by 11, after voting for Clinton by just 2 in 2016. It is not Trump country, and Omaha's mayor is not really a notorious Trump Republican. However, she is not a Baker-style RINO either, as she put her political career on the line by publicly endorsing Trump in the past. Her massive victory in Omaha is still a positive development.

It does not just stop at Nebraska, either. Anchorage, Alaska moved away from Trump by roughly a half a dozen points or so. Yet, they elected their first GOP mayor since 2012, when Dan Sullivan (not the Senator) won by 20 points for the mayorship. Ethan Berkowitz won in 2018 by over 18 points. Yet, on May 14, Republican Dave Bronson narrowly won the runoff election with Forrest Dunbar to be elected mayor, 51-49. A close race, but still a 19-point shift since 2018 in a race that saw higher turnout than the 2018 election. If this energy continues going into 2022, in the words of a man who once got obliterated in a congressional run, brace for impact.


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