The First Debate Changed NOTHING

Well, that was something. I am not going to write a full recap of the debate, although I did a good job summarizing the key highlights in my latest video. This was a dogfight, and I was right to tell people not to underestimate Biden. Though, the stereotypes about the candidates were confirmed if you watched the debate. Trump was the obnoxious showman and Biden was the sheepish man who struggled to complete his sentences at times. Trump arguably energized his base a bit more, but failed to bring new voters on board. Most polling has indicated that this was true, as nobody really changed their minds. There are two more debates, and I expect Trump to do a bit better in them (as he did in 2016's second and third debates), but not much will change. Trump proved that his strategy is to rile up the base, and Biden decided to do the same in terms of the "Never Trump" base. However, Trump had the zingers throughout the night, and policy was a wash for both sides, so Trump won the night in a way by being the showman that he usually is.

The debate did not talk very much about important issues like trade, immigration, and foreign policy. All three of those are issues that Trump undoubtedly has a leg up on compared to Biden. Even many reasonable minds on the left admit this. I hope that Trump will decide to bring these up if they are not mentioned already during the next couple debates. Trump should continue to hammer Biden's record of failing workers on the campaign trail, though. Trump also may be smart to keep the conversation away from healthcare and re-focus it to winning issues for him, such as the economy, energy, and law/order. Especially if he wants to change voters' minds by having a shining moment on the policy front.

I will continue to cover the election on my website and my channel. However, this election comes down to turnout. Trump is down in the polls, but has the enthusiasm edge by many other metrics. And this debate proved just that.


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