The Left's Civil War Has Begun

It is approximately 16 days since Election Night. Everyone wants me to talk about the potential fraud and the litigation that is happening. I have talked at length about that on social media and in several videos lately, but I do not want to run the topic into the ground unless something big comes up. I would like to pivot a bit and focus on something that will loom large on America's horizon, no matter the outcome. Polarization has been occurring in America since the 1960s, but polarization within the two parties is also reaching an all time high. It does not matter if Democrats would unite behind Biden to get rid of Trump, the divisions within the Democratic Party are too large to ignore. And these divisions will cause Democrats a problem no matter who wins the election at the end of the day.

Republicans will have to fight a civil war as well in terms of the future of our party. However, most Republicans are united behind Trumpian principles. That does not excuse the fact that there will still be a battle for the soul of the party between the neocons and the America First wing. However, Trump has made the party united behind a more authentic form of conservatism, so the establishment should be easy to break further, especially in a midterm year. The circumstances surrounding the election have made the unity on the right easier as well. They have made it easier so much to the point where I firmly believe that the House is certain to flip in 2022. The real question is: by how much?

The Democrats have soul searching to do. The far-left candidates did very well in primaries downballot in some areas, however Biden overwhelmingly won the Presidential race. The neoconservative exit from the Republican Party has already happened and it looks like the Democrats are going to be stuck with them for the foreseeable future. Even though the neoliberals and neoconservatives are fairly liberal on many cultural issues, they are not on economic issues. They support things like free trade and oppose things such as universal healthcare and the Green New Deal. And even though the more moderate, corporate Democrats do support things like Black Lives Matter, they do not support dismantling or defunding police departments. This is where the infighting stems from.

The Democrats by and large are abandoning the working class either way. You have your AOC types that put a larger emphasis on regulating the economy in an illiterate fashion disguised as a left wing form of pseudopopulism while hating on white people for likes on Twitter, and you have your out-of-touch corporate elites like Nancy Pelosi that may not be as far off-the-edge leftward on social issues, but know how to screw over the American people better than anyone else. Their coalition, however, cannot stand. AOC and Pelosi are pointing fingers for their house losses, and more establishment Democrats like Abigail Spanberger are blaming the far-left for their losses. Biden filling his potential cabinet (that may never see the light of day) with oil-friendly people like Cedric Richmond will not suffice the Bernie wing of the base. Biden also will struggle to pass any legislation in the House, due to the Democrats' slim majority as well as the high level of infighting. It will be an interesting two years no matter what happens, but the Democrats are tearing themselves up. Removing Trump was all they seemed to unite on for four years, and with Trump not running for political office anymore (if he wins or loses) will break them.


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