The Perils of Mass Secularization: The Decline of Traditional America

Our values remain under attack.

It is no secret that one of the major pillars of Marxian revolutions is the removal of religion from society. We can see this throughout many nations' histories. Russia saw a massive rise in Athiesm and a drop of influence of the Russian Orthodox Church during much of the Soviet Union. East Germany today still has lower religiosity levels than West Germany does. Marxists typically justify their disdain for religion claiming that religion leads to oppression of one's self. Yet, it is clear that after decades upon decades of removing God from our society, depression is on the rise, individuals are mentally and physically weaker, our family unit is destroyed, our birth rates are on the decline, and our popular culture has turned into a complete joke.

It is true that we always have had freedom of religion in this country. It is our Constitutional right to believe whatever we want. I do not personally seek to establish a national religion or anything of the sort. However, it is clear that the reduction of the Christian values that made our nation great to begin with are aiding and abetting its decline. We live in a society that applauds Colin Kaepernick for kneeling for the national anthem, but condemns Tim Tebow for kneeling for the cross. We live in a society that praises and promotes musicians for making songs about graphic sex, but slandered Kanye West as "mentally ill" for coming out as a conservative Christian and making a Gospel album (yes, Kanye may have some mental problems, but that is besides the point). Pornography is nearly mainstream nowadays. The porn industry makes more money than most major sports leagues combined, and is accessible (and even sometimes, promoted) to minors on social media. Everything known to be true 50 years ago has been turned on its head by a select few individuals at the top, many of whom follow no religion at all and share little to nothing in common with the values of the majority of the American people.

Christianity is dying throughout the West, and the West is dying as a result. Religious people have higher birth rates, which allows traditional values to be passed down from generation to generation. Even in America, religious people tend to have higher birth rates. Conservatives, Mormons, and Orthodox Jews are some of the only groups in our country that have birth rates above replacement level. Throughout much of the Middle East and Africa, birth rates and religious affiliation are both significantly higher than Europe's. There is a correlation here. There is a reason why Communism seeks to destroy both. Both are intertwined. And even if one personally does not believe in Christianity or any other specific religion, that does not mean that they should not abide by some sort of moral code that focuses on traditional virtue.

This can be further evidenced by the recent trivialization of Christian beliefs and traditions. Whether it deals with ending a Congressional prayer with "Awomen" or Eric Swallwell referring to God as a woman, it proves that the disdain of religion has little to do with supporting the First Amendment. It has more to deal with the mockery of millions of Americans whose values they see as a threat to their agenda. They know that religion is powerful, and religious people are usually only controlled by their God. Even nonreligious people that espouse traditional values are controlled by their own convictions. A society that is more secular is one easier to control, subvert, and manipulate. And that is everything that we must seek to effectively counter in the coming years. But, I will say that it only will likely get worse before it gets better. That does not mean it will be impossible to overcome.


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