The Red New Deal: Conservative Ideas That Will Actually Win the Future

2016 marked a big victory for Conservatism and American Nationalism, as President Donald J. Trump won the election against all odds in a stunning rebuke of the donor class and the elites. Part of the reason Trump was able to galvanize such a strong movement is that he was willing to put America First, at home and abroad. He wanted to limit immigration and restructure America's trade deals to prioritize the American people above foreign nationals and corporate interests. The degree to Trump's success as a President has been debatable, and while he has done a very good job in many areas, it has not been entirely perfect. He compromised too much with Paul Ryan and the neocon GOP Establishment and did not build a perfect cabinet. Still, he has moved the party in the right direction, but the soul of the party will be up for grabs in 2024. That will be an even more consequential election than this one, and with a big open field (on both sides probably, I expect Trump to win, but if he doesn't I doubt Biden runs for a second term) it is imperative that we go down the path that is right and true. That is the America First way, and while Trump tackled some issues during his presidency, we must tackle other pressing issues affecting us today as well as future generations.

The future and coming divide of the movement is apparent. The Dan Crenshaws and Nikki Haleys of the party represent the old neocon wing that Trump originally ran against and defeated in 2016. These people latched on to his coattails reluctantly, then became his ardent supporters once they knew his advisors were misleading and subverting his potential. They advocate for things like mass immigration, endless wars, mass foreign aid, gun control, shilling for big business, globalism, and gatekeeping the President's original supporters because they are not afraid to call them out on their bullshit. One of these gatekeepers is named Charlie Kirk, head of campus, I mean degenerate libertarian organization TPUSA. In Fall 2019, controversial Paleoconservative talk show host Nicholas J. Fuentes sent his army of "groypers" to ask troubling and hard questions that Conservative Inc. was too afraid to talk about. Some of the questions were ridiculous and bad optics (like asking about ridiculous and blatantly anti-semitic 9/11 conspiracies), but other questions, mainly about topics such as foreign aid to Israel, voting patterns and demographics, and the fact that the right caves every key issue to the left five years after the fact, were very necessary. Kirk could not answer back strongly enough, and the Groyper Army had won.

It does not matter what you think of the Groyper movement. Some of them are exactly what the media says they are (though most of those are ironic, they do not really hold extremist views and have done more to deradicalize people with them than any organization in the country), but most of them are good people that have a strong commitment to American Nationalism and traditional Christian values. The bottom line is that the Groyper War was culturally significant, even though most of the general public will never hear about it. It is symbolic of the fight that is to come for the GOP Establishment. There is the America First right against the beltway, "Conservative" Inc. crowd. The America First movement must continue the fight, and will need to do so while maintaining good optics in order to appeal to the broader public. I am confident that there will be candidates that will be willing to accept part of our agenda in their platform. Candidates that can run like Tucker Carlson, Josh Hawley, Alex Jones (a longshot), and Paul Gosar can hopefully rise up and defeat the Haleys and Rubios of this world.

The good news is that there is time to plan. In 2020, we saw a slate of candidates that ran under the America First message. These included Pete D'Abrosca (who was unjustly DQ'd), Jarome Bell (who is in a primary election in a couple months), James Tulp (who sadly lost his primary), and Lauren Witzke (who is expected to win her primary for the Delaware Senate race). I encourage more people to run on this platform (which I will get to in a second), so we can have our own galvanized movement in 2022 ahead of 2024. This will help us gain traction, as we primary elected official and at a very minimum push them a little bit over to our side.

Before I talk about the platform, I must discuss what the Red New Deal is. The far-left seems to be keen to offer something to people, and has helped them gain traction among the youth. Their ideas are not fully grounded and reality and happen to have detrimental effects in some cases, at least to the general public, and that is why they are irrelevantly losing elections. Reddit upvotes and Twitter likes can only get them so far. The Red New Deal is better than the expensive Green New Deal because these ideas are rooted in practicality, tradition, and love of country, and will be palatable to the general public as a result. Trump's platform supported a border wall, tax reform, and renegotiating trade deals, which was a step in the right direction, but not nearly a substantial change platform that could correct the course of human history.

The main issue dealing with the Red New Deal is immigration. Immigration has lowered our wages, crowded our cities, changed our culture, only been economically beneficial for the one percent, and most importantly damaged our electorate beyond repair. The main point of my platform on the matter would be to implement a 20 year moratorium on ALL immigration, legal and illegal. This will allow the current immigrants to assimilate, and create a one man in, one man out policy to stabilize the population. This also stabilizes our electorate, so conservative Republicans can actually win in the future. We must also have mandatory e-Verify and punish corporations who do not hire Americans. We should also rescind birthright citizenship (because it is not unconstitutional to do so contrary to popular belief) to lower the amount of anchor babies. We should also make English the official language of our country to incentivize assimilation. We must also suspend work visas, chain migration, and the lottery programs. It is also imperative that we must set up a deportation force to deport all illegal aliens living here unlawfully. Finishing the barrier (and maybe building a fence on our northern border) will also help, as well as lastly cracking down on visa overstays.

Another issue so few people have talked about yet is very important to our nation's future is that we must incentivize family growth. Our birth rate in America has fallen far below replacement level, and this holds true across most state and ethnic lines. Our fatherless rate in this country has also reached levels that would seem unfathomable 50 or 60 years ago due to LBJ’s failed War on Poverty. We need to implement a plan in order to give tax-credit style loans to families to have more children similar to what has raised the birth rate in Hungary. This will make it easier to pay for things like Social Security and Medicare for the time being in the meantime when we look at different avenues to reduce future costs. We should also support reforms to welfare that will disincentivize family breakdown. While the left champions reuniting “families” at the border, We must choose to champion keeping future American families together. Paying stay-at-home mothers a Universal Basic Income is also a good idea to incentivize traditional gender roles. This will benefit our nation's social cohesion. It's not socialism, it's survival.

We must also promise to never spend money on wasteful foreign wars that get us nothing except for dead Americans and dead civilians of the countries that we should not be in. We must also rescind foreign aid, especially to countries like Israel that have a lower debt-to-GDP ratio than we do. I support building up our domestic military, but we need to shut down military bases in foreign countries that tally us hundreds of billions a year. Put troops on our border instead of Syria's. America must come first.

If we are able to cut costs where it counts, we could pay for a German/Swiss style public option for healthcare with this money, as we need a healthcare plan. We should oppose socialist-esque single payer, but we should look for market based options to increase competition as well as looking into last-resort public avenues for those in need. We need a system that relies on the free market, yet a fair one as well and that includes breaking up the big health monopolies to increase competition which allows for more plans. Breaking up companies that infringe on our rights and freedoms in general is imperative. We should not allow YouTube and Twitter to get away with suspending true American patriots like Alex Jones and others. This form of small business populism will only help us in the long run. We can punch the neoliberal left from the left, and bring voters aboard in the process. We must continue to be protectionist on trade. We can beat them if we have any healthcare plan. We can beat them by tackling income inequality by a corporate tax structure that pays line workers a specific percentage of CEO earnings. The left will have no coherent response and lose.

Ending degeneracy of our culture is another pillar that must be represented in the platform. It is so sad to see what our society has become. While family growth helps solve the problem, it is not the be all and end all of it. We must regulate the hell out of pornography, and label it as a schedule 1 drug. We must also crack down on simping and OnlyFans as it is basically online prostitution. No E-Girls, Never! Not even once. We also must limit internet usage in the form of tax credits, as Josh Hawley has stated he would like to do in the past. It would have to be a voluntary program, though, as individual rights must be respected. Banning the horrific practice known as abortion must be emphasized, as well as upholding the Second Amendment as written. The more originalist justices on the court, the better our nation's fabric will be for generations to come. Lastly, we must protect religious liberty and stop pandering to the fascist alphabet mafia in order to truly protect our nation's Christian values.

These ideas will win the future. Beltway "conservatism" will fail. Be wise when you vote for candidates in primaries. If not, this country will be gone for good.

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