The Right Needs Not to Let a Big Tent Become a Clown Car

Everyone is welcome, but they are not welcome to change our principles to appease the left.

Anyone familiar with my work knows that unlike most of the mainstream right, I am fairly outspoken against many aspects of former President Ronald Reagan. However, that does not mean that there were not good aspects of his presidency, mainly his leadership qualities and ability to lead a movement to electoral success. That he did, often stressing a "big tent" movement. People who never have thought about voting Republican before did so under Reagan, as he expanded the movement as conservatism had a newfound spirit under his administration. His administration was consisted of Rockefeller Republicans and Paleoconservatives alike, who he united under one common goal.

Donald Trump brought excitement to the right in 2016 never seen before. He did so by building a coalition of traditional conservatives and disaffected Democrats alike who were fed up at the government and elite in general for not putting the citizens of America first. Trump's movement was led by a variety of anti-establishment conservatives at the time, with little to no backing from the GOP Establishment. When he started to compromise with that same establishment after taking office, he strayed somewhat from his original agenda and many individuals began to display the Trump name brand but could care less about his original policy agenda. Many of these individuals seek to move the party to the left, not keep it where it should be. And as with all grifters, these individuals have no convictions. Many of them want the right to become the diet version of the left, and in doing so moves the overton window to the left. Then, these same individuals whine about the right losing the culture war. Pure irony.

Earlier this week, former Delaware Senate Candidate Lauren Witzke attacked former Trump DNI Richard Grenell over a tweet that he made supporting a transgender division of the Log Cabin Republicans. Grenell is a former Romney advisor who called Trump dangerous in 2016 for his anti-globalist stances, calling him a "race-baiting, xenophobic bigot" and an "authoritarian" in the months leading up to his election. He also was a major supporter of John Kasich. Obviously people can change, and I have no problem accepting new people into the movement. I have changed my beliefs on several positions over the past couple of years myself. However, Grenell is a 50-year old man who has worked in the field of politics his whole life, and for him to completely change his view on Trump over the span of a few months seems a bit suspicious at a very minimum. For Grenell to use his MAGA, Inc. platform to advocate the Republican acceptance of the promotion of transgenderism (something the left did not even support until five years ago or so) is insanity and subversion at its finest.

Grenell then hit back at Witzke and asked her if she was okay with gay people in the Republican Party. Keep in mind that Grenell was the first to bring up gay people out of nowhere, as Witzke was mainly focused on transgenderism. Witzke then responded with "I said what I said," which did not answer the question, but was a perfectly reasonable response given the fact that Grenell strawmanned her original point. Witzke never said she did not want gay people to vote Republican, but many MAGA, Inc. types ran with that anyways and stood with Grenell.

Personally, I don't care if gay people vote Republican or not. I am not going to waste my energy trying to keep somebody out of the party for what they do in their personal life, even if I personally believe what they are doing is wrong. Gay Republicans like Matt Drudge (back when he was sane) and Peter Thiel have existed for years without any issue to me. They keep their sexuality to themselves, just like most straight people do. However, the promotion of alphabet identity politics has no place in the GOP and should not be promoted by the right. A party that cedes ground and operates under the "Dems are the REAL Transophobes!" mentality is one that is destined to lose every time. I am aware that Trump does not care about gay marriage. That was not a deal-breaker for me, even though I personally oppose it. It is not a top ten issue at the moment. However, implementing the degeneracy aspect of the alphabet community's culture and promoting people such as the Log Cabin Alphabet Republicans and Lady MAGA is not something the right needs to be doing. The promotion of degeneracy and the decline of our family values, however, is a top ten issue at the moment, if not a top five one. And we cannot let the right become a party that openly promotes degeneracy to appease 2% of the population that will hate us anyways.

Ceding ground to the left does not win over any new voters. It never has and it never will. And any new voters you win over will do so at the expense of bleeding away support from much larger portions of your electorate. Republicans used to vehemently oppose gay marriage and civil unions. However, they used to ironically get a much larger portion of the gay vote while doing so. Anti-civil union Romney and McCain got around 30% of the gay vote, while pro-gay marriage Trump got 14% in 2016. Personally, I am fine with civil unions and visitation rights, but changing the traditional definition of the term "marriage" is a disgrace in my view. Most WWC and Latino Democrat voters agree with the fact that the alphabet agenda is a problem, and a Republican Party who desperately needs to win a growing demographic could easily increase their support by not conceding any more ground on this issue, and not wasting their energy on a very small group that engages in social liberalism to the extreme and lives in mostly urban areas.

The Republican Party has to be a big tent. However, they have to be a big tent that stands their ground. A big tent that does not throw their large evangelical Christian base under the bus for the sake of attempting to gain a small percentage of an already small percentage of the population. A big tent that welcomes new voters, but does not compromise on principle to appease those who hate them. That is how we win the future, not just electorally, but in terms of our country as a whole. Let's start moving the overton window to the right.


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