The Right's "Lack of a Warrior" Problem

The Republican Party has struggled for years to win elections, and when they have won, they have struggled for years to get anything done in the name of actual conservatism. Even when the base is angry, the party typically fails to represent their interests and actively work to lower the influence of those who do--because the GOP establishment (much like the Democrat establishment) only answers to the donor class and big corporations. This explains why you had Mitt Romney be nominated in the 2012 election when you had an angry base consolidated against Obama by the Tea Party, and saw him lose by a decisive margin as a result.

Things changed when Donald Trump defeated the rigged primary system as he brought a high amount of energy to an angry right-wing base during his victory in 2016. He won on a campaign that opposed the establishments of both parties, speaking against the special interests that control our government and politicians. He gave everyday Americans a voice, speaking against the establishment with intense vigor. As a result, he gloriously triumphed over the two biggest, most influential political families of the past half-century. His presidency was one that included a tough battle with members of his own party (particularly Paul Ryan) to get anything done, and he was subverted by many members of his own administration to prevent his agenda from getting passed. Still, he was able to fight to the point where he cut legal immigration in half and stood up for our economic and foreign policy interests in regards to China and the Middle East. Even though the party establishment held him back, he was still a fighter with good intentions.

Trump's Presidency looks like it may come to a close next month sometime--I haven't given up, and he does seem to have one last Hail Mary attempt in the works, but it relies on a Congress that has largely worked against his interests. I'll still fight for him until it's over because he fought for us when nobody else did, plain and simple. If Trump does lose, he likely won't go out quietly, and he still will be a kingmaker in the years to come (if not the 2024 GOP frontrunner). However, there does seem to be a lack of authentic fighters on the right. As in fighters, I speak of warriors who are willing to change the framework and direction of the GOP establishment, not people who will succumb to it and repeat the same talking points about economic freedom will save everything and how we should let in an unlimited amount of immigrants (as long as they're LEGAL).

Mainstream conservatism has become a disaster, outside of Trump and a select few honest National Populists that do not have much leverage. Just take a look at Dan Crenshaw and Madison Cawthorn, two young Congressmen that ran campaigns somewhat against the special interests--only to succumb to them after getting elected. These people are cringeworthy to an extent, but get propped up by the special interests and the GOP Establishment. Look at Kim Klacik for example--a person able to get worshipped by boomers based on her being a black female, and also able to dupe them into giving millions of dollars to her campaign. If that money was divided between six other close swing districts (some of which ran black and female candidates, too), Republicans would have re-taken the house. The bizarre worship of Kristi Noem through the whole virus process, who has been abysmal on immigration and had a very moderate/globalist voting record in Congress (so much so that she almost lost to a Democrat in SOUTH DAKOTA in 2018), has me skeptical that she is Nikki Haley 2.0 and it is clearly obvious that she is only being propped up based off of her sex (being the only Republican female governor under the age of 60). These people operate under the left's moral framework of succumbing to identity politics and the same special interests, and are the furthest thing away from Trump's original agenda.

One of these subversive groups that acts as an arm of the establishment is Turning Point USA. In 2016, the group (led by founder Charlie Kirk) was largely irrelevant. However, they were comparing Donald Trump to Benito Mussolini and claimed that a "Cruz/Rubio ticket" would "save America." Now, I don't mind accepting new people to the movement, as some people can change their minds and I don't believe that we should hold people to beliefs that they no longer hold. Most of Trump's base did not support him the second he came down the escalator, and that's perfectly fine. Movements that are successful are built to grow. Yet, trying to subvert his original message by holding useless "Culture War" events and promoting mass immigration, identity politics, and fearmongering about economic freedom (three things Trump did not run on in 2016--unless you count opposing big business as supporting economic freedom) as the face of conservatism in an attempt to "win the youth" (which does not work like this, by the way) is a big, cringeworthy mess. Kirk was nowhere to be found at the state capitol protests, and held his first post-election TPUSA event AFTER the electoral college met in which he had half-naked women toss money into a mid-sized crowd under the guise of conservatism. It's a disgrace. Kirk and the people of his ilk are no warriors, they are opportunists who answer to the billionaire donors who fund their organization, and NOT the American people or Trump's original base.

I'd say we have about 10 true conservative warriors in Congress--if that--in a group of 212 Republican Congressmen. That is less than five percent of our own party, and less than three percent of Congress. We need to change that moving forward. It's hard with the censorship, but with the rise of Alt-Tech platforms like BitChute and Parler, it's possible. If Trump wins, the GOP will face a day of reckoning and realize that Trumpism wins elections. Trump will most certainly tackle Big Tech in Term 2, and most Americans will wake up to the rigged system. And if Biden wins, the platforms will only grow more as more people will be fed up with the ensuing globalist corruption. The future has hope, but only if we can start being warriors from the ground up and gain the set of stones Trump had in 2016 necessary to challenge the GOP Establishment. Either way, the ball is in our court. Hopefully, the right chooses America First and not special interests first.


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