The State Of Conservatism

Updated: Apr 29

Presently in America, Conservatism is an ideology that, in many respects, is on the rise. And

this is no accident. When the ever-famous ‘Tea Party’ movement was at its peak, it seemed as if America was heading towards a future that would see Conservatism become the dominant political ideology in the nation. For a while, numerous election results seemingly suggesting that this would be the case. However, following a steep decline in overall enthusiasm around the latter half of 2014, the ‘Tea Party‘ movement began to die off and with it, the hope of many Conservatives that their ideology would be the face of American politics. Despite drawn out attempts to save/revive the movement, millions of Conservatives were back to square one.

However, Conservatives would not have to wait particularly long to witness the restoration and revitalization of Conservatism, thanks to the Presidential campaign of one, Donald J. Trump. Started in June of 2015, Donald Trump had set out on a mission to re-imagine and re-design the Conservative ideology with his own signature contributions. Such contributions included the rise in Economic Populism, Anti-Globalism views, American Nationalism, and much more that would ultimately give way to the ‘America First’ movement and agenda created and led by Donald Trump to this day. The ‘America First’ agenda has, since its implementation, had untold success after success for America. And to many, this is no surprise. It has become a widely accepted viewpoint and opinion that the future, as well as the fate of Conservatism must be steeped in the ‘America First’ agenda, and that anything less will not suffice.

While most Conservatives agree that ‘America First’ is the future, there still remains a good amount of debate over how specifically the movement should be implemented and debate over what exactly the phrase ‘America First’ means. While it may sound straightforward, there remains an ongoing feud between various Conservative groups and outlets on how to move the agenda forward. Groups such as Turning Point USA and Young Americans For Freedom (otherwise known as ‘YAF’) are seemingly in line with the ‘America First’ agenda/movement, but then make certain statements and claims that all but contradict their claim of support and, to a larger degree, call into question whether or not they support the movement as designed, or only parts they find most appeasing.

As a result of these uncertainties, TPUSA and YAF respectively have been labeled as in ‘insufficiently conservative’ and have had their events disrupted by the infamous supporter group of the ‘America First’ agenda. I am speaking of course, about the Groypers. Groypers have have been tied to White Supremacists and other hate groups according to the media. However, in reality, most Groypers refrain from discrimination as to better advance the ‘America First’ agenda and because it goes against one many of them believe in both politically and personally.

The battle for conservatism is short to rage on, and it’ll be interesting to watch. But one thing is for sure: Conservatism is not dead. It is alive and well. And we must (and will) fight to preserve it, no matter the cost.


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