Trump Is Finally Taking Action Against Big Tech Censorship

Donald Trump has decided to take charge against the establishments of both parties once again after he understands that they have screwed him over time and time again. Trump has dealt with social media censorship for years now, at the hands of corporations gone rogue because our politicians are bought by them. One of the things that makes these big tech companies immune from de facto First Amendment violations is Section 230, which allows them to function as publishers instead of public platforms. Trump has now stated that he will veto the new defense bill if it does not revoke 230. He should have done this long ago, but it is much better late than never.

Trump's support base has been censored on social media for quite some time. They know that it was social media how Trump was able to grow his support base, and they wanted to prevent another grassroots right-wing movement from happening. It was Infowars that got me into politics to begin with (not Alex Jones specifically, but Owen Shroyer's man on the street videos) that exposed the left's hypocrisy and stupidity. YouTube removed their channel in mid-2018 as a result of their success, and nearly every other social media network did the same, even relatively pro-free speech DLive. Many other channels and pundits have been kicked off Twitter and YouTube as well. And those who are not still face other forms of censorship.

Ever since I started to talk about the election irregularities on my channel, my view counts have plummeted from about 50K per video to about 12K per video. This may be partially due to a drop of the public's interest in election or political content, but it also may be due to shadowbans, as YouTube is specifically not recommending the videos as much as usual. Who knows. Either way, I am going to continue making content no matter what. You guys will find me.


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