Trump RT's America First Twitter Account Concerning Tech Censorship

Updated: May 17, 2020

Donald Trump did the unthinkable today, and decided to tweet out against tech censorship. This has been a main criticism of Trump from even many of his core fans, and it looks like he is now interested in tackling the issue. More symbolically, he retweeted an account that is associated with the America First movement and the Groyper Gang. The video in discussion was of Michelle Malkin discussing tech censorship, alluding to people like Infowars and other high-profile conservatives that have been censored by big tech.

Ironically enough, the video of Malkin calling out big tech was removed from Twitter after President Trump retweeted it. It just proves how blatant their bias is and gives fuel to the fire that they should be trying to put out.

The fringe left, consisting of beta male losers like Jared Holt and others, are saying that Trump is being "compliant in white nationalism" for retweeting the account. Yet, I doubt that Trump knows what America First Clips actually is, and even so, they are not of that ideology (most controversial clips of Nick Fuentes are him being an ironic comedian). Even if they were somehow bad, all Trump sees is a brown woman talking about upholding the first amendment. There is nothing he did wrong by any metric. It's just strange that we live in a society where an orange president retweeting a video of an Asian woman from a fan account of a Mexican podcaster is somehow racist. These people are lunatics and only help the president when they attack him.

If Trump can actually pass legislation regarding big tech, this would make his presidency all the sweeter. I cannot wait for the day that Alex Jones returns to YouTube and many of my favorite subreddits are not quarantined by the mob. The "muh private company" argument is monumentally dumb and needs to go away. The "don't tread on me but it's okay if it isn't the government" crowd of failed neoconservatism needs to go away. We must keep on our march to restore American greatness, and we can only do so if we can secure our First Amendment rights. America First!


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