Tucker Carlson 2024? The Case For A Carlson Presidency

Note: This Op-Ed was submitted by Author Jordan Diehl for publishing. Red Eagle Politics himself did not write this article.

For many years, Tucker Carlson has been at the forefront of Media and Journalism in the United States. And this is no accident. Unlike many in the media these days, each night on his primetime Fox News show entitled “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, Tucker speaks his mind. He calls truth to reason. He keeps the swampiest Politicians in D.C and across the nation in check. He is truly a gem of Media. But just how well would he fair if he tested his hand at Politics...but this time beyond a presenter’s desk in a studio? Let’s discuss!

Tucker Carlson has been a lifelong Conservative and for all of his media career, which began back in the 1990s. Tucker started out as a Print journalist and eventually worked his way up to Cable News by landing a job with CNN, way before the network went rouge and steamrolled towards the Political Left. From then to now, Carlson has largely remained consistent in his delivery, the way he interacts with guests, and his famous off the cuff, no-nonsense commentary that gets his base fired up...remind you of a certain someone ;) In today’s polarizing political climate, Tucker Carlson would, like President Trump, have to face a series of furious onslaughts from the Left and their cohorts within the Media during the course of his would-be campaign, and unlike most Politicians, I think Tucker would be able to rise above it and continue running a strong and successful campaign due to the fact that he would approach the insults and attacks with a grain a salt and his personal experience in Media. This would definitely impress swaths of Independent voters largely due to the fact that polling data from previous Election cycles has seemingly indicated that Independents love Politicians and/or Political candidates who don’t shy away from the media’s attacks and subsequently run their campaign the way the media wants. That’s why Trump did so well with Independents in 2016. He didn’t tow the party line and it worked. If Trump had taken that course of action as opposed to the one he did, it’s likely that the Republicans would be the ones trying to win back control of the White House this year.

One thing that would largely affect Tucker’s chances of winning the Republican Party’s nomination for President in 2024, is the form of Conservatism he subscribes to which is Paleoconservatism. In today’s Republican Party, Classical Liberalism, Moderatism, and Neo-Conservatism are starting to become the majority makeup of the voter demographic and Congressional delegation. Why would this be? It all has to do with the fact that the GOP just doesn’t have a spine. Instead of standing up for what is right and actually committing to restricting Immigration, ridding the country of Obamacare and in the process developing a rival Healthcare system/plan, and not advocating for School choice or the average Joe (as the Democrats often do), they would rather cave to the Establishment’s demands and rip away people’s Healthcare with no plan in place to replace Obamacare, continue to let our schools fail, continue to allow massive flows of Immigration into this country when studies show that instituting some form of Immigration Moratorium would greatly benefit our country as a collective society, and anything else you can think of. The D.C Establishment has an ‘absolute-gridlock’ on both Parties in Washington and it’s part of what is destroying our country. If the Republican Party were to break free from the bend of the Establishment and shower itself in Tucker’s ideologies and beliefs, he could cruise to the nomination and, with enough support from defective Democrats, Conservative leaning Independents, and third party voters who do not like the nominee that the third party they most closely align with put forth, Carlson could topple any and every challenger and loophole that the Left would cast his way.

As you will see below with the election map I created for a potential Carlson nomination, Tucker sweeps the Rust belt. That seems unlikely given the fact that the GOP has been largely unpopular within the region for many years, especially in Federal elections. However, part of what would make Tucker such a likeable candidate and one that wouldn’t be hard to vote for (from the perspective of a Rust Belt voter) is his Economic Populist beliefs and policies. Economically, the Rust Belt and many states throughout the country have more to gain from Economic Populism than anything the Establishment left can offer and it’s likely that in 2024, the Democrats will, once again, pick another non-Progressive to lead the ticket and another non-Progressive to balance the ticket due to the fact that the DNC is convinced that Progressive policies are not popular within the party and because of that, is not worth screwing over the Progressive/Populist candidates who might run for President someday...namely the so called “star” of the Democratic Party, AOC.

In 2024, American Patriots and those who call it home, will have to fight like hell to ensure that the Left does not retain control of the WH should they manage to come out on top on November 3rd. But if that is the case, it is clear to me that Tucker Carlson is the ideal person to lead the GOP ticket to victory and send a potential “President Biden” packing. Make sure you spread the word of Tucker Carlson and his message and do your part in convincing Republican voters who may not be completely hooked on Carlson into voting for him or at least considering it. Now more than ever, America needs teamwork to make sure that we can keep our Constitutional liberties, our great American values, and to ensure that our history and flag are protected from the assault they have been put under in recent years. God Bless America and #Carlson2024


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