Tucker Carlson Rips Everybody a New One After Riots Destroy American Cities

Last night, Tucker Carlson spoke for many Americans when he eschewed not only the left, but current leadership for their response to the riots. He called out Jared Kushner for controlling the Trump administration and attempting to sabotage it from its original message. This was a well-needed monologue at a time where Trump refused to take action, at least up until last night. The President had been playing to appease the rioters for a while now, which never works and will only hurt him, even with black voters. These riots are destructive and there is no excuse for them, yet celebrities and our establishment choose to see our nation's history burn in the name of a false narrative. Why would they want this to happen? Because they hate our country, people, and history.

If we looked at the facts instead of emotion, nobody would be protesting, let alone rioting. Yes, George Floyd's death was a tragedy, but that does not excuse the inadvertent deaths of dozens more people as well as the billions of dollars in property damage. The riot defenders are commonly citing the fact that Floyd was killed because he was black. There is little evidence of that. Floyd was not the first man that Derek Chauvin killed, and Chauvin had been abusing power for years. In fact, Chauvin killed several nonblack people, and Amy Klobuchar covered it up. Police brutality is not a good thing, but this is clearly a racialized agenda being pushed that simply is inaccurate. Only 12% of unarmed people killed in 2019 who were not charging/fleeing the police were black. 56% were white. This proves that there is little relationship between race and police brutality, as black people are killed unjustly relatively proportional to the population. Three black people were killed in 2019 compared to 14 white people. Where were the riots, or even peaceful protests, during the latter? They did not exist, because they did not fit the narrative.

Now that we have established that this is not a race thing, there should be no reason to riot. We must work to fix the justice system, of course, but the truth is that focusing on a few isolated incidents and exploiting them to cause racial division does not help fix the justice system. Even from the point of view of the radical left, things like this only will make the sane American people call for more police, making the system bigger. If we had true leadership, we would have tanks on every block tonight prepared to attack. That's what Tucker Carlson would do, and hopefully he will have the opportunity to do that come January 2025.


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