What Can We Expect From A Joe Biden Administration?

January 20th, 2021. Seems like just another day in a long year. But, for those who are familiar with U.S Politics, they’ll know what happens on this day ever 5 years. In the case for 2021, this will be the day in which former Vice President and U.S Senator Joe Biden will be inaugurated the 46th President Of The United States. This will also be the day in which Kamala Harris, Biden’s running mate in this previous election, will be sworn in as the 49th Vice President Of The United States. After 4 years of the Trump administration, which has seen America rise to levels not seen in many years, it is highly expected that much of this progress will be rolled back within the first week of Biden and Harris taking office. This is unfortunate to put it lightly. But as with several Presidential administrations throughout our country’s history, it’s almost become tradition for the incoming administration to reverse the accomplishments of their predecessors. Many Americas dislike this truth, but it’s just how it is. So, with that said, I’d like to explore what you can expect to see from Biden’s administration over the next four years. Let‘s begin.

To begin with, we have to review some of Biden’s key policy positions he clung to throughout much of the campaign. One such policy that Biden (and many of the 2020 Democratic candidates) touted is “sweeping Gun Control legislation”. To start, you can expect Biden to introduce legislation that will seek to either ban outright or significantly reduce the use of bump stocks on the corresponding firearms that can use them. Democrats seem to believe that by banning bump stocks, it will greatly reduce the amount of fatalities that occur whenever a mass shooting may take place. This, to anyone who has a brain, knows that this is blatantly false. Would it be nice if this were true? Sure. But even then, the Government would not have any authority to ban the use of bump stocks because, you know, there’s this thing called the 2nd Amendment to The United States Constitution. The 2nd Amendment is abundantly clear, and the Democratic Party, in spite of the Amendment’s clarity, continue to push for the ban or reduction of bump stocks over this false notion that mass shootings will end with little fatalities. At the end of the day, the amount of fatalities caused as the result of a shooting will come down to how skilled the perpetrator of the shooting is, what type of gun they are using, and where they choose to carry out a shooting. Small, crowded areas are always a prime target place and a recipe for disaster.

Secondly, and sticking with the topic of firearms, another piece of signature legislation you can expect Biden’s administration to introduce is a complete ban on ‘Assault Weapons’ or their favorite tagline, ‘Weapons of War’. During a trip to the state of Texas, Biden announced his intent to appoint former Congressman and 2020 Democratic Presidential hopeful Beto O’Cuck...O’Rourke ;) as his “Gun Tzar” for his Administration. The role of this potential cabinet position is not exactly clear (or even a thing), but with Biden, anything is everything. But as the name suggests, Beto’s role (should he get the would-be job to begin with) will likely be to oversee the Government enforced confiscation of Assault rifles, Sniper rifles, and other long barreled guns. And of course, before too long, this Administration (and the Democratic Party at large) will conjure up a reason to ban the use of ownership of Pistols.

Another major policy that Biden would like to implement is a complete reversal of the many key Immigration reduction bills that President Trump signed into law during his tenure into the White House. This falls into line with Biden and the Democrats desperation of shepherding in masses and masses of illegal Immigrants into the nation for the sake of preserving their despicable excuse for a Political party. But more than this, it’s to also blatantly disregard our nation’s immigration laws (while also decreeing that Trump and Republicans as a whole are lawless) for the sake of “humanity”. Biden will halt the remaining construction of President Trump’s border wall, and may even include money in 1 of his 4 yearly fiscal budgets to tare down existing border wall structures because ”nO hUmAn iS iLlEgAl”. Now, during the Presidency of Barack Obama, he was somewhat notorious for being tough on Immigration. Not to the extent of Republicans or what Republican politicians and voters would like, but definitely more tough than many Democrats would be willing to be at the time, and certainly today. And during the 2008 Democratic Primaries, Biden himself was a bit of Semi-Hawk when it came to Immigration. But when daddy DNC began to frown upon these positions, that‘s when Obama and Biden quickly reversed their stances and began to advocate against the deportation of Illegal immigrants, which was one of just many situations throughout the Obama/Biden administration in which they proved they were completely spineless. In saying all of this, one would hope that Biden, with has past record of Immigration, might be somewhat supportable on this particular issue. But alas, with a radical Left winger such as Harris and other Left wing members of Congress in his ear, you can be sure that there will not be any sort of crackdown on Illegal immigration with good ole’ Uncle Joe in the White House. Brilliant 😒

One last policy we’ll review is Biden’s stance on Healthcare. Healthcare, understandably, was one of the biggest topics throughout the entire Democratic Primary process. Senator Bernie ‘Commie loving’ Sanders & Senator Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas‘ Warren were both in favor of a ‘Medicare For All’ system, which would see the Federal Government regulate and privatize Healthcare for each and every American. Moderates (including Biden) were in favor of putting forth new Healthcare plans (as a signature policy of their would-be administration) in order to replace what was already available. But Biden took things a lot further, by suggesting that the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, needed to be expanded, instead of repealed. This is largely due to the obvious fact that Biden kissed Obama‘s ass for 8 years nonstop and agreed on anything and everything Barack put forth. Biden has stressed that he wants to make sure there will still be a Public option when he enacts his Healthcare Bill into law. But with the pressure he’ll likely face from the far left members of his Party, there’s no guarantee this will happen. Obamacare, which has had several parts of it ruled to be unconstitutional by the United States Supreme Court due to the Government overreach these portions of the Bill had on people’s Healthcare. Obamacare needs to be done away with, and replaced with a more prosperous system that works for everyone, that’s not too expensive, and that also has little Government intrusion. This could have been achieved during Obama’s administration, or even Trump‘s administration if it weren’t for the disgraceful Republican Establishment trying to rip away people’s Healthcare without putting up a legitimate replacement.

Now, a central question we have to ask ourselves is “Are any of these signature policies of Biden even Constitutional”? The answer, unsurprisingly, is No, with the exception to his Immigration and Healthcare Policies, although it will depend upon how much overreach these Obamacare expansions give to the Government. The good news for Gun owners is, we can rely on the United States Supreme Court to shoot down Biden’s attacks on the 2nd Amendment and protect Gun owners from an Anti-Gun Government gone rouge. Justice John Roberts can likely be expected to side with Liberal justices (even on Gun legislation), but with the crucial addition to Amy Coney Barrett to the Bench, she has already proven herself to be the opposite of RINO Roberts. Thank God for that.

Hang on Patriots. We’ll get through this.....Hopefully.


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