What Is The Worst Case Scenario For Republicans If Joe Biden Wins In November?

If you were to travel across the country and ask various Republican voters to give you their “worst-case scenario” for this year’s Presidential Election, most of these people would likely answer simply by saying “Joe Biden beating President Trump”. Now while that is a fair and legitimate concern, it is *not* the worst thing that could happen to the Republican Party should Joe Biden be elected. The first “worst” scenario is that Biden is elected and the Democratic Party maintains its majority in the House Of Representatives. If this were to happen, any bills that Democrats passed largely among party lines that Republicans disliked and had just enough votes to disrupt said bills from passing could be put back up for a vote and passed on the second time through thanks to unrelenting pressure from President Biden and his Liberal Administration. As we’ve seen throughout history, whenever the Minority Party in either the House or Senate attempts to prevent the passage of Legislation, if the President (assuming they are of the party that holds the Majority in the houses of Congress and is popular at the time of it happening) puts pressure on the Minority party to put aside Political shortcomings and pass the Legislation and the party still refuses, it will often face repercussions a the ballot box in the follow up Congressional elections. So to summarize, if the Establishment in D.C fights Biden every step of the way as they did with Obama, it could spell serious trouble for the GOP by the time 2022 rolls around. Now of course, this all depends on whether or not Biden is popular whenever Republicans might choose to play Partisan politics, and historically, Partisan filibuster of Legislation usually doesn’t happen within the first 1-2 months of a new President taking office. I use 1-2 months as my example because once the election is over, if Biden wins, he’ll likely ride into Inauguration day and his first month or so on a wave of mild popularity that will slowly deteriorate as his term wears on. For a second summarization, if Biden’s popularity sinks as his 1st term goes by and he lashes out against Republicans every time they attempt to prevent the passing of legislation that he supports, the chances of the GOP’s House delegation diminishing with each Congressional election that Biden will face will be low due to a majority of voters viewing this situation as ‘Politics as usual”.

To wrap up, we will now review the 2nd worse scenario for Republicans in November, outside of a simple Biden victory. This scenario would be an all out nightmare for Conservatives everywhere and it entails the Democrats not only keeping the House, but expanding their delegation and flipping the Senate. Why would this be a quote-on-quote “nightmare”? Well, it’s quite simple. See, Biden’s 1st Term as President will be either a failure or “average” if his Party only controls one House of Congress. But if Biden has an entire “Blue Congress” to work with, much like President Trump did in 2017 & 2018 when the GOP controlled both Houses, Biden’s outrageous tax hike, draconian Gun grabbing laws, Obamacare Add-ons, overzealous Climate policies, and many other of his radical ideas will *easily* pass and be signed into law. Free speech will not be protected. Tech Censorship will not be dealt with. Nobody in Congress will hold Biden accountable if he decides to coddle up to China (which he most certainly will) and we end up getting put in danger as a result. If this sounds even slightly terrifying, I suggest registering new voters, making Phone calls, knocking on Doors, attending your local GOP/Conservative functions, and most importantly, vote! Those who don’t vote, do a great disservice to their Constitutional duty to do so, and in this case, will also be taking America down the path towards Socialism. Don’t let Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, AOC, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, Pramila Jaypal, and other Radical left members of Congress dictate your life. Your life and personal Liberty should never be in the hands of the Government but alas, that is what will almost certainly happen if those on the Right approach the upcoming election negligently and as such, give the Democrats full reigns to do whatever they please in complete ignorance of our Bill Of Rights, and our Constitution. It sounds obnoxious...but if you look at what’s presently going on in Far-Left & mega Liberal cesspools such as New York and California, where store owners are being barred from earning a living, Religious folks are being denied their right to attend Service in the flesh, and other draconian rules and regulations that are in complete disregard of the Constitution are being implemented, it won’t seem so far-fetched then. This November, America’s future, and *your* the future is on the ballot. Vote accordingly.


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