What Should We Expect From The 2022 Midterm Elections?

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

With the 2020 Presidential election and various Congressional races still blanketed in uncertainty, I want to take a look to the future to see what impact this election could have on the 2022 Midterms. On Tuesday night, the Republican Party had an all around great night by flipping back several house seats they lost in 2018, and leading in districts that have yet to be called such as California’s 39th District where Korean-American businesswoman Young Kim is holding on to a healthy lead against an opponent in Gil Cisneros, who is the epitome of Bernie Sander’s comparison of the Democratic Party to: “A party of the costal elites”. Over in the state of Utah, history is on the brink of happening in the state‘s 4th Congressional District where former NFL player and Super Bowl champion Burgess Owens is leading incumbent Democratic congressman Ben McAdams by nearly 3,000 votes with 77% of votes tallied. If Owens hangs on to win, he would be just the 2nd African American to serve the state of Utah in Congress with Mia Love (whom Congressman McAdams defeated in 2018) being the 1st. He would, however, be the first African American man to represent Utah in the People’s House. The reason I highlight two races that feature two Minority candidates is to quite openly and honestly, shatter this crude narrative that the Mainstream Media has propagated for the last 4 years and that narrative being that “Trump is a racist. and that “only Whites (specifically White Supremacists) support him”. On Tuesday, Donald Trump won nearly 18% of the Black vote amongst Black men, which is a significant improvement from his margin of victory with this same demographic just 4 years ago. And this is exactly why I predict that the 2022 Midterms will be a horror show for the Democrats.

With the results that came in on Tuesday night, and the results that are still outstanding, it has become quite clear that the Democrats predictions of a “bLuE wAvE 2020” are nowhere near coming close to fruition. However, Joe Biden, President Trump’s main challenger in the 2020 Presidential election, has been doing better than previously expected in states like North Carolina and Georgia where it seems as if Black voters, specifically young Black voters, are turning out in numbers that give the former Vice President a true shot at winning in these states. However, with recounts underway in Georgia and 47 different counties throughout the state of Michigan, this could prove to be an even worse blow for the Democrats and their Blue Wave wet dream and for Republicans, could be like sweet Nirvana. But, as with any election, time will tell just exactly what happens. However, if Joe Biden does manage to prevail in the 2020 election, it should come as no surprise to anyone that in his first midterm election he would face as President (2022), his party would be f*cked 6 ways from Sunday and could quite possibly be wiped out for a generation, much like the British Conservative Party did in the UK’s 2019 elections against their Labour Party counterparts. This, of course, would be terrific news for President Trump and Conservatives across America...but even so, there’s no telling just how Conservative or loyal these potentially new Republican members of the House would be to both President Trump and his America First agenda. If the Establishmentarian wing of the GOP gets its way, do not expect much to be improved as far as Conservatism and America are concerned.

If in 2022 the Republican Party establishment is quashed (either momentarily or preferably forever), the America First, Economic Populist, and Pro American nationalist future we’ve all been yearning for could very well be in sight. As the Republican Party begins to shift more towards Economic Right wing populism and America First policies that directly benefit the American worker and the Blue collar workers and voters who have been blindly voting Democrat for decades, we’ll soon see these individuals begin to slowly transform into one of us. This will result in us drastically improving our electoral outcomes in states like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania and eventually, New England. Hell, even states like Colorado and perhaps New Mexico and California would once again be in play. This is all doable if I’m 2022 we hard working America First Patriots mobilize, and make our voices heard beyond the Internet. We need to start combating the complacent Republican establishment, and rather, establish a new platform and a winning platform that will truly transform this country for the better and in the near distant future. This can all be obtainable depending upon the plan of action we choose to take (staying docile and only expressing our discontent with the GOP in its present state online, or mobilizing and restoring the Party) and on how we vote in the next set of elections.

Choice is yours Patriots. Choose wisely.


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