Why Florida’s 18th Congressional District Will Be the State’s Most Fun to Watch in 2020

Note: This Op-Ed was submitted by Author Jordan Diehl for publishing. Red Eagle Politics himself did not write this article.

Throughout the “Sunshine State” of Florida, there are people and voters from all walks of life. When focusing on the voters of this state, one can argue that using the term “one big melting pot” is not too far-fetched when describing the Political makeup of Florida voters and just how intense elections can get. For years, Florida has been a battleground state on every level of Politics from Presidential races, to House & Senate races, to Mayoral, Gubernatorial, and City Council races. Neither one of America’s two major parties have been able to gain the so-called “upper hand” over one another in the state, and in fairness, that’s by design. While some may find that annoying (mostly so that they don’t have to bite off every last one of their fingernails during Election night), others will remain being “ok” with it. It gives Political operatives something to fight for that you don’t see in states like Wyoming (which hasn’t lended its 3 Electoral votes to a Democratic Presidential candidate since the election landslide of Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964) or Delaware for the Democrats (a state that hasn’t given its electoral votes to the GOP Presidential Nominee since George H.W Bush’s 1988 election victory against Michael Dukakis).

As we gear up for yet another set of elections in 2020, the state of Florida will once again be a tightly contested state with several key house races, and the major race that will have the attention of nearly every American on November 3rd, and that’s the Presidential race. Some have argued that winning Florida will be Trump’s safest bet to a 2nd term, while others have argued that he can afford to lose Florida, but only if he gains elsewhere. But I’d like to focus on a specific race in Florida this year, and it’s a House race. Many Political pundits are calling 2020 a potential “breakout year” for Independent candidates all across the country due to the unpopularity of President Trump, and, to some extent, the far more unappealing Joe Biden. This largely has to due with the fact that a majority of American voters are tired of the Two Party system, and simply want more options with Independents seeming like a safe “fallback”, and Independent candidates are running with this. But perhaps the most compelling candidate for the U.S House in 2020, is Independent Conservative K.W Miller. Miller, a staunch Conservative and Trump supporter, has indicated that the main reason for why he is running is to rid the halls of Congress of the Socialists, Neocons, SJWs, and RINO Republicans. Seeing as he is running for a seat that has a Republican incumbent, I think it would be safe to assume that Mr. Miller beliefs Congressman Brian Mast (R-Palm City) is perhaps not “Conservative enough”.

However, if we are to take a quick glance at Representative Mast’s voting record and stance on the issues, it would appear as if K.W Miller’s accusations are fraught. He’s Pro-Life with few exceptions, He supports a Strong, consistently funded Military, He stands with President Trump almost 100% of the time (and made that quite clear in his decision to vote against Impeachment), etc. But despite this, Miller is likely convinced that his more bolder rhetoric and self determination will be enough to cause an upset in November due to some of Trump’s most ardent supporters residing in Florida. As was the case in 2018, Congressman Mast will face a Primary, this time against Nicholas Vessio, a Political newcomer. Despite his lack of name recognition or campaign funds, if he can manage to give Mast a hard time in the Primary, it could be an indicator of how well KW Miller might fare on Election night. If Vessios’s backers in the Primary refuse to vote for Mast in the General Election and instead throw their support behind Miller, it could end up proving to be fatal for Mast’s chances of winning a 3rd term. But overall, with the District being R+5, it’s likely that a Trump Endorsement and the power of incumbency will carry Mast to another 2 years in the House.

One thing is for certain. The 2020 Elections will be some of the craziest and crucial elections we’ve had in some time and RedEaglePolitics.com and its team of expert analysts will be here every step of the way from now till Election Day to keep you, the Patriots of this great country informed! If you would like to keep tabs on this race, a good place to go would be Ballotpedia.Org. Once you get to the site, search for “Florida’s 18th Congressional District”, and you’ll be taken to the page that tells you about the district as well as the page set up for the 2020 Election. #KAG #Trump2020

About the Author:

Jordan Diehl is an 18 year old Political analyst currently residing in Englewood, Ohio. Since the Inauguration of President Trump in January of 2017, Jordan’s interest in Politics rose immensely. Since then, Jordan has participated in Political campaigns, attended his local GOP’s events/functions, and even got to attend a Trump rally in Cincinnati in August of 2019. Jordan is an Independent leaning Conservative who largely supports Conservative causes and beliefs, but also aligns with some Libertarian and Centrist beliefs as well. If you would like to keep tabs on Jordan’s Political opinions and viewpoints, follow him on Twitter @JordanDiehl2002, or on Instagram @Diehl2044. He greatly appreciates those at Red Eagle Politics for allowing him to serve as an Article writer!


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