Would You Look At That! Turns Out, Joe Biden Truly Is Compromised By China

When Joe Biden first sought election to national Politics in 1972, he did so as what we Conservatives would call ”a reasonable Democrat”. Biden believed in a decent, affordable, but not overly Government intrusive Healthcare plan. He was somewhat of a ‘hawk’ when it came to the issue of Immigration. He was somewhat Pro-Life on the issue of Abortion and was, for many years, in favor of the Hyde Amendment, which barred federal money going towards Abortion procedures. The list goes on.

But now, 49 years on from Biden’s first election victory to the United States Senate, he has gone from being ‘reasonable‘ to being a complete puppet of not only the DNC, but for the Chinese Government. Biden’s coddling up to China didn’t properly begin until he became the Vice President in 2009. Throughout much of his boss’s Administration. Biden (as well as Obama) viewed China in a positive manner, and wanted to establish strong diplomatic ties with the Communist regime. Obama largely wanted to do this because he believed that by forging a strong alliance with China along the lines of trade, he would be able to manipulate China into participating in poor trade deals that would ultimately see America collect much of the Economic benefits. However, when it became obvious that China was not dumb enough to fall for Obama’s manipulative tactics, he had no other choice but to develop a trade system with the Chinese that was largely commanded by China and their interests. If he didn’t, China would pursue it’s own path to an Economic takeover of the United States, and if they had successfully done this, depending on when it took shape, Obama realized he could easily become a one term President. This could not stand. And so, this began the coddling of China for Joe Biden.

For the remainder of his first term in office, President Obama more or less assigned Biden to be America’s main bargaining chip or ‘dignitary’ to China since Biden had developed a bit of reputation in the Senate as being a shrewd negotiator. To Biden’s credit, some of the first few negotiations held between America and China were fairly equal for both nations as far as what each nation would receive in these negotiations. However, when it started to become apparent to Biden that within China lay several business avenues for him and his family, he quickly diverted away from his tough negotiation persona for future diplomatic talks between the two nations.

Rather than negotiate for America’s best interests, he started negotiating deals with China that benefited them and their economy. By doing this, Biden and his family would receive a steady flow of cash into their respective bank accounts due to a ‘booming‘ Chinese economy. This money would pile on top of his Vice Presidential salary, as well as the large amount of wealth he had collected while serving as a United States Senator. At the time, several Republican members of Congress, along with a fair amount of nonpartisan members of America’s Intelligence/Justice community were beginning to notice just how one sided these US-China diplomatic negotiations were turning out to be. And naturally, they (they being the Republicans) placed the blame squarely at Biden’s feet. And from these concerns gave way to the rumors that Biden, the sitting Vice President Of The United States Of America had knowingly and willingly negotiated deals with a foreign country that would benefit the country in question, while also enriching himself in the process. Some Republican lawmakers called for Impeachment and investigations, but these calls never got too far, and the major news outlets around the nation rarely talked about it (It’s quite difficult to find any articles that talk about these calls for Impeachment).

As recently as just nine years ago when Barack Obama was Re-Elected to a second term in 2012, the political landscape of America still allowed Politicians from both sides of the aisle to be given the benefit of the doubt when it came to various concerns raised about their character, interests, private practices, you name it. Joe Biden was granted this kind of treatment, and for much of his second term as VP, was let off the hook (even from traditionally Conservative Media outlets) from having to answer tough questions about his ever growing affinity for China, and specifically, it‘s Government. But today, this no longer is the case as seen with former President Donald Trump and the Mainstream Media’s consistent urging that he was a Russian spy and/or asset. These awful smears were then encouraged by Democratic Party officials. But try doing the same thing to Biden over the next year or so, and watch the pushback that will arise as a result of daring to call out his majesty.

Two years after the end of the Obama-Biden Administration, an infamous clip of Joe Biden giving a speech on China had really put Biden’s love for China in perspective. When addressing the claims from various Republicans (and some Democrats) that China was going to “eat out lunch” economically speaking, Biden looked absolutely bewildered that someone would have the nerve to make such an assertion about his bosses in China. Biden would go on to respond by saying “But this notion that China is somehow gonna eat our lunch is ridiculous. China’s gonna eat our lunch? C’mon man”. Now, to anyone who has a basic understanding of the history of American and Chinese relations, our Economies, and China‘s burning desire to overtake us as the world’s economic superpower know that this statement from Biden was not only Infuriating, but the clearest example that Biden had been compromised by China. This statement was completely absurd that it even drew criticism from Senator Bernie Sanders. Other 2020 Presidential hopefuls followed suit. But Biden never recanted that statement, and has proceeded to defend China over, and over, and over again.

And that brings us to the present day. Joe Biden has not been President for more than 24 hours at the time of publishing and even so, a Chinese state owned ‘News’ outlet issued the following tweet when Donald Trump had departed from Joint Base Andrews for the final time of his Presidency.

For the many millions of Americans who have been convinced for a long time now that Joe Biden has sold his soul and indeed sold out the nation to China, and that China, to an extent has compromised him, and then been told we are nothing but ‘Moronic Qanon Conspiracy theorists‘ for thinking as such...we have one simple question. What are we supposed to make of this? Mind you, this is not just some random Chinese News outlet. This outlet is literally state run by the Chinese Government. And they issue this scathing remark towards Donald Trump, obviously thrilled that Biden is the new President. If many of those who voted for Joe Biden actually took a minute to consider what was truly at stake in this election, I have little doubt that Donald Trump would’ve secured a second term in office. But because Biden’s base, and the far left who have been and continue to infiltrate it view the world through the incredibly myopic lens of race, background, and emotion, they voted for Biden anyway. Not because he was cognitively fit to serve as Commander in chief. Not because he as a good politicIan. Not because he had any good or new ideas. But simply because #OrangeManBad. That’s it. No consideration of how China would dominate us moving forward economically. No consideration to how Small businesses will go under after being forced to play employees $15 wages. No consideration to how America’s youth will be educated in a way that teaches them to hate America and view everything as systemically racist and unjust, and then pursue false methods of protest and solutions to fix these things. I can go on. This is the Left wing in the country. And it’s (pardon my language) fucking horrifying.

It should go without saying that in 2022, the GOP, whether it has been fully reformed to our liking or not, need to have our support to take back control of both houses of Congress. This includes ‘Never-Trumpers’ like Congressman Adam Kinzinger and RINOS such as Lisa Murkowski. If we can’t succesfully primary them, then we must back them. Thankfully, a good majority of the GOP has been reformed to pass the torch of Trumpism and Right Wing Populism already. If we can mobilize and form a strong grassroots movement to bring about a massive ‘Red Wave’, we will be able to stifle Joe Biden from harming this nation. We will be able to pass resolutions that will overturn many of Biden’s hideous executive orders. And then in 2024, if he makes the foolish decision to run for a second term, we’ll beat that son of a bitch. But in order to do that, the work must begin now to unite behind a candidate and stick with him or her until Election Day.

America is truly at a crossroads with Joe Biden in the White House. And for the next few years, myself, and RedEagle, along with our occasional guest writers will do out utmost best to hold him to account, call him out, and prove what a weak leader he truly is. We will do this by providing you with insightful, impactful, and straight to the point journalism. Strap in. It’s gonna be a long and bumpy ride.


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