Yes, Elections Still Matter. No, 2020 Doesn't Change That.

Let's look at the facts here.

Many people on the right have said that they would never vote again in future elections under the belief that the 2020 Election was stolen from Donald Trump. Personally, I do believe that voter fraud took place during the 2020 Presidential Election. The vacant lot registrations, the system proof that dead people cast ballots, the sworn affidavits, and the blatant fact that the votes were counted in a strange and untransparent manner just make it a little too coincidental for me not to buy into the fact that all of the evidence is "false" the way the media has decried it as. However, we will never know for sure how much voter fraud took place. You could say that the shenanigans likely were enough to push Joe Biden over the top in Arizona, Wisconsin, and Georgia, preventing Trump from getting the 269 electoral votes needed to win the election (as Republicans had enough state delegations to break an electoral tie). You also even say it was possibly even enough to flip Nevada and Pennsylvania blue, and to screw John James out of a Senate seat in my home state of Michigan.

However, I reject the crazy boomer-tier theories of a red California, and the nonsense that Dominion was changing votes in Venezuela (or something). I also acknowledge that people like Lin Wood and Sidney Powell who have peddled these bizarre "kraken" theories likely hurt Trump's actual and serious case in court. Serious attorneys that have assisted Trump's legal team throughout the post-election process like Robert Barnes have routinely stated this fact as well. Fraud also happened in swing states in the 2016 Election, albeit at a lesser rate. Nobody really talked about it, because Trump got enough votes to beat whatever took place on the ground. Former Democrat governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich admitted that corrupt dems in big cities have been stealing votes for years, which is probably true and likely will happen every election cycle. Many of these cities are in third world conditions, and it is no surprise that they would have third world-style elections. That is why it is up to us to vote for politicians who vow to help pass election integrity laws so that 2020 will never happen again, and we can only do that by turning out in large numbers so any suspicious ballot dump will not make the difference.

Now, the problem is that there are some people who think that voting is completely useless now because sometimes fraud can take place. This is ridiculous, because we can beat it if we turn out enough, as we did in 2016. Why did Trump win North Carolina? Why did Republicans flip a dozen house seats when most pundits expected them to lose seats? Why did Republicans flip back house seats in California allegedly stole by the Democrats in 2018? Why did the election results not match the predictions and polling, which has turned into a dying industry? Because it is NOT set in stone, and we can beat it. Anyone else claiming otherwise is either extremely blackpilled or is just straight-up controlled opposition.

There was real widespread fraud that took place, however, that has been 100% proven. There is concrete evidence for this rigged system, the same one that Trump decried in 2016. However, this fraud has nothing to do with fake ballots, and this is a form of fraud that the establishment BRAGGED about after the election took place. Big tech censorship, foaming-at-the-mouth media bias against Trump, megacorporations lobbying to change election laws without the consent of the state legislatures, special interests, dark money, censoring stories that made Biden look bad, promoting fake stories that made Trump look bad, etc. was what likely did Trump in as well. Yet, much of that has been memory-holed.

Trump also could have had his more populist 2016 messaging present, tying Biden to globalism and corporate cronyism instead of socialism. Trump's attacks on special interests that separated his campaign from the Cruz/Rubio types were relatively absent. Trump should have passed another round of stimulus checks and limited his pandering to groups who will never consider voting Republican no matter what. If he can become more populist in 2024 should he run and surround himself with better advisors, he would be a lock for victory no matter how the votes are counted. Trump also had to deal with COVID, BLM riots, and a campaign whose former manager (Parscale) squandered hundreds of millions of dollars that could have been used in states with very close margins of victory.

Still, Trump was roughly 43,000 votes short of a second term in the White House despite all of that. His movement grows stronger every day, and it is important that we continue to vote in every election possible, and volunteer as precinct captains and poll watchers when necessary. We can do this, they are not immune to the people rising up together and taking back control of their government. If they were, they would not be working so hard to censor us. Less talking, more doing. That is how we get it done.


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